Keith Urban, “Kiss a Girl”

keith-urbanKeith Urban has grown tremendously as a singer over the past decade. On “Kiss a Girl”, he milks his vocal talent for all that it’s worth. The emotion in his voice is so palpable that it makes you want to root for the heartbroken. It’s the vocal performance that elevates this one to being memorable, though there are some solid pop hooks that reinforce the enthusiasm in his voice.

The song by itself wouldn’t hold up well when performed by a lesser vocalist, so this doesn’t even approach the giddy heights that Urban reaches when paired with stronger material.  So while this is a solid record, it’s hard not to be a little disappointed, simply because Urban is capable of so much more.

Grade: B

Listen: Kiss a Girl


  1. Uh oh. Between this and “Sweet Thing,” I can’t tell whether his writing/taste has dulled or someone is telling him he’s not commercial enough or something. The vocals on both have been great, but the excitement in the writing feels kind of canned.

  2. Tell me something that is worth a flip on country radio now days!! I was listening to Rascal Flatts song Here Comes Goodbye this morning on COUNTRY RADIO and all I could think about was, that sounds like a Celine Dion song and there should be a sinking ship on the horizon somewhere. Then they played Taylor Swift, then Carrie Underwood. Anyhow, just wanted to get that off my chest. I usually love Keith’s songs and I kinda like this one, but I do feel Keith is capable of so much more. He needs some songs with some substance. At his concerts when he covers other songs, he’s awesome because Keith has an amazing voice. But yeah, he is reaching for Taylor Swift’s crowd. Wish he would go back to his The Ranch and Golden Road and Be Here days!

  3. Agree totally with this review. It’s good, but not good enough.

    There’s far better on the album so I hope the last one hasn’t put too many people of giving it a chance.

  4. Can, I change my mind? I just heard it on the radio and I really like it! It’s uplifting and a great song for spring and summer!! What does it matter how deep and meaningful it is! Keith’s singing is beautiful and it’s catchy! If you had a choice between a couple of songs that you could listen to, lets’s say, Dierks, Feel That Fire – Keith’s KAG- John Rich- Shuttin Detroit Down, Alan J.- Sissy’s Song, if you could only hear one of these….which would you pick??

  5. Fair question, Gail. I believe a review of Jackson’s song is coming up soon and I’ll save my comments on the song for then. Comparitively, however, I prefer it sonically to the Urban song.

    I don’t dislike this song, but I don’t think it’ll rank up there with my favorite Urban songs. It’s okay, but I want to hear him do better. At this point, I think he’s a great artist, but not necessarily a country artist. Until his last album, he was one of my favorite modern country artists, but I don’t think, judging by these last two tracks from his upcoming album, that I’m leaning back his way just yet. I hold out hope though, since I haven’t actually heard the new album at this point. At any rate, I can’t quit him because he’s just too talented, but he’s slid down on my list for now.

  6. Definitely, definitely the Alan Jackson song, though I would’ve picked “Kiss a Girl” if you had picked “Good Time.”

  7. I always cringe at the sad fact that I gave “Good Time” a good review/grade last year. I can’t even stand to listen to it now. I want a rewrite! What the heck was I thinking? You should have fired me on the spot back then.

  8. This is a great song. It is interesting to me that everyone is so hung up on the title. Listen to the guitar and the rang of vocals. See it for what it is, not the title, that is a very limiting way to view a song. This song make you want to roll the car windows down on a nice day and just smile. The guitar is excellent on this song, showing how talented Keith is. Go to to see how hard it was to get this track laid down right.

  9. LindaG,

    I haven’t heard anyone here express a problem with the title. I’ve heard everyone say it’s not an especially good song.


    I still enjoyed your attempt!

  10. Kieth Urban’s last album packed four consecutive singles that I liked. Two of them (“I Told You So” and “Everybody”) were among my favourites of the year when they came out.

    When “You Look Good in My Shirt” came out, I could accept the fact that I didn’t like it, but it wasn’t his fault, I thought he did a great job.

    However, as he continues to release more singles, I’m continue to be disappointed. This and “Sweet Thing” are kind of boring. What happened to the Keith Urban I briefly fell in love with?

  11. Not sure where the dislike comes from. The song has good lyrics and melodies, excellent guitar, a snappy drum beat and the banjo just works. It is up tempo and upbeat. Another good solid song from KU.

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