Billy Ray Cyrus, “A Good Day”

BRCIt’s easy to lose sight of Billy Ray Cyrus the “artist” when 90% of his exposure of late has been alongside pop star Miley Cyrus – whose artistic credibility actually, surprisingly, sometimes surpasses his own. But when Cyrus taps into his core, with songs like “A Good Day,” he reminds us that he’s got a substantial amount of talent, particularly a strong, decent voice.

“A Good Day” is more or less an ode to sweet memories and the people in your life who make these memories worth holding onto. Cyrus sings with sincerity, and the sentiment behind the song is charming: “When we’re finished with this ride/And we’re on the other side/Bet we’ll look back on this life and say/Man that was a good day.”

The song’s biggest flaw is that, while it puts Cyrus back in his niche, it doesn’t do much by way of moving him forward, as there’s nothing especially interesting or unique about the performance. But if you can look past that, “A Good Day” fits Cyrus well, and I suspect it’ll fit snugly amongst the radio regulars, which may be exactly what he needs at this point in his career.

Written by Danny Orton and Jennifer Schott

Grade: B-

Listen: A Good Day



  1. Fair review. It doesn’t make me viscerally react, but rather, it doesn’t do anything for me at all. That’s pretty much par for the caurse for radio when I’m lucky, so it would have a chance if Billy Ray’s name wasn’t attached to it. I actually think he’s a talented guy, but needs to stop chasing commercial success so vigorously. “Traill of Tears” gives me hope for what he is capable of.

  2. I really like this song!I have BRC’s “Back to Tennessee” album,& this single should do well on radio,if they will give it a chance.Billy Ray has recorded so much good music over the yrs.,but has not been treated fairly.You really need to hear the whole song on this, & all the songs on this album.

  3. I personally dont see any flaw in this song. I do hope that Radio will play it so others can hear Billy Ray and come to know his talent like I do. He has a great voice and a great stage presence. I agree he has not been treated fairly by radio. Its such a shame as he has lots of very good songs on his cds.

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