How Very Nineties: Lisa Stewart, “Drive Time”

I totally bought this album and thought the video was powerful when I was, you know, 12. Now watching it makes me laugh and cringe but still kinda dig the song.

The CU staff is working on a Best of the Nineties singles list right now. This one’s not gonna be on it. But enjoy the trip back to 1992 anyway. This woman could sing!

(Look closely in the background and you can see an RIAA award for her labelmate John Anderson’s Seminole Wind.)


  1. …nice one, the melody sounds like a flash-back into the late seventies, early eigthies stylewise – classic anne murray/janie fricke terretory.

    i’m looking forward to your best of nineties singles list, especially when your choices come with a little cu-style write-up. it should also be interesting to see what people select, who discovered the genre in that decade. don’t try to be too objective.

  2. I think I’ve mentioned it on another thread somewhere around here, but I think Stewart’s pretty terrific “Under the Light of the Texaco” could have made for a better leadoff or follow-up single than the “Somebody’s in Love” and “Drive Time” combo. For as great as the 90s were for even the B-list women in the genre, it seems like women with deeper alto ranges (Stewart, Michelle Wright, Cindy Murphy of Dixiana) had a tough time gaining much traction, even though they did come up with some fantastic material.

    And yeah, her performance in this video is hysterical and campy. And she’s rocking those Mom Jeans!

  3. Lisa had a featured role on YESTERYEARS, a spinoff from THE STATLER BROTHERS SHOW on TNN for a year

    Although I think she only got to release the one album, she appeared on several shows on TNN and has appeared in commercials and some cameo roles. She is married to Brady Seals , who was part of LITTLE TEXAS and HOT APPLE PIE

  4. I remember this one too. Never seen the video until now … I (re)bought the CD on ebay about 2 years ago, but haven’t played it much. I used the handle ‘drivetime’ for a long time on yahoo and MSN, taken from this song. ‘Under The Light of The Texaco’ is a pretty good song though.

  5. Looking forward to your Best Singles of the 90s countdown. I would love some other 90s countdowns too (Albums, Duets, etc.; maybe a Worst of the 90s list would be fun too???) And then the 80s? :)

  6. I was 13 when this video came out…I loved it! I would watch CMT 24/7 for the video, and even recorded it on a VHS.

    I found this video doing a google…when I found an old childhood journal, commenting on this song and how much it moved me….Thanks for the post, and the trip down memory lane!

  7. This is an old one but good one. Thank goodness for YouTube! I love being able to look up old or new video’s from songs I enjoyed back in the day. I had almost forgot about this song though until I seen on this site…great memories.

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