Single Review: Patty Loveless, “Drive”

It’s such a welcome relief to hear Patty Loveless doing something outside the mountain soul/classic country vein that I’m going to overlook the fact that this sounds modern simply in comparison.

“Drive” doesn’t approach the sonic euphoria of her work for Sony, but it’s fun to hear her do something that could’ve been entertaining filler on one of her late eighties MCA albums.

This one’s a free download for charity, so add it to your collection using the link below.

Grade: B

Listen: Drive



  1. I heard this last week, and I like it. I am a little confused as to how a free download helps a charity though. I was happy to hear that Patty Loveless hasn’t completely left this style of music behind her since her mainstream 90s albums were so great. She was simply the best at marrying modern with traditional. And much as I like her mountain-country music (I’ve been playing them a lot more lately), I hope she returns to that neo-traditional sound soon.

  2. I can’t say that this song is quite as awesome as some of Patty’s best-known hits, but it’s always fun to hear something new from her. This song shows a side of Patty that we haven’t seen much of lately. I won’t take anything away from her work in the classic country and bluegrass field, but I do enjoy hearing her do mainstream country as well. It’s not “I Try to Think About Elvis,” but hey, it’s Patty. She doesn’t disappoint.

  3. I dont think it was intended to be her re-entry into contemporary country music. I think she and Emory used the country pop style in an attempt to reach the broadest possible audience for the cause of raising awareness for COPD, but time will tell on this. :) If Patty does another “Strong Heart” type album as a follow up, that will prove me wrong. ;)

    And J. R, I think the free download is an incentive to take the screener for those who may not otherwise be inclined to do so.

  4. This song was NOT written or intended to be used for re-entry into radio, etc. This song is part of Patty’s contract with BI for Drive4COPD— she was contracted to write, perform it, and is required to perform it at all COPD functions until December 31, 2010.

    Also, DRIVE4COPD is not a charity. It is a public health campaign. The “drivers” for the campaign are paid by BI, and BI is who supplies the medication for COPD. So the free download is just to help draw people in— teir goal isnt to make money.

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