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UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. The response was impressive. The randomly selected ( winners are: 

Jake Kremmel, Lora Purcell, Bradley, Paul Dennis, and Rachel Summit


Congratulations to the winners. Emails will be sent to you shortly. However, if you’d like to make my job easier, feel free to contact me with your email address. Stay tuned for another giveaway very soon.   


As a virtuosic instrumentalist in both mandolin and guitar, Marty Stuart was one of the very talented artists whose peak occurred in the early nineties. While his chart success wasn’t as numerically present as many of his counterparts, his reverence for country music and its history has turned him into one of the most respected nineties country artists today.

Stuart has explored several facets of country music over the years, including rockabilly, traditional, and honky tonk. Now, he is paying his respects to traditional country music with his latest release called Ghost Train: The Studio B Sessions”, which will be released on August 24th. Along with 12 other quality tracks, the album includes a haunting song that Stuart wrote with Johnny Cash just four days before Cash’s death. From the perspective of a man who hanged people for a living, the song is called “Hangmen.” The other stand out song is called “Porter Wagoner’s Grave.”

As one of the summer releases that I’ve most been looking forward to, I am pleased to report that the album does not disappoint. Therefore, I am excited to announce that courtesy of Sugar Hill Records, Country Universe has five (5) copies of Ghost Train: the Studio B Sessions to give away to five lucky winners.

One of my favorite Marty Stuart projects is the concept album that explores Native American culture, specifically the plains Indians of the Dakota Badlands. To enter the drawing for a copy of Stuart’s new album, leave a comment that tells us about your favorite country concept album. If you don’t have a favorite concept album, tell us your favorite Marty Stuart song. As always, if you can’t comment on either of those topics, but are still interested in hearing the album, feel free to leave a comment anyway. All comments relevant to Marty Stuart will be eligible.

In order to get the album to the winners by release day, the contest will end Wednesday,  August 18, at midnight. Good luck.


  1. I’m a fan of the Stuart/Haggard duet “Farmers Blues” on the Country Music album.

    I’m not sure if it qualifies as a concept album but my vote would be for Mountain Soul.

  2. For me, Bobby Bare is the king of concept albums – my favorite being the nostalgic ‘A Bird Named Yesterday’.. it’s also amazing how his ‘Hard Time Hungrys’ album (with mostly Shel Silverstein songs) still holds true today..

  3. “Red Headed Stranger” by Willie Nelson, one of the original concept albums.

    Just for fun a non-country concept album that is a personal favorite is “Tales of Mystery and Imagination: Edgar Allen Poe” by The Alan Parsons Project.

    Marty Stuart songs, oh so many, but I’ll go with “Fool For Love” form the more recent “Country Music” album from 2003.

  4. i really like Marty Stuart’s Country music Album.

    Farmer’s Blues
    Too Much Month (At The End of the Money)
    If There Ain’t There Oughta Be
    A Satisfied Mind

  5. Favorite concept album? That’s tough. Offhand, I’m gonna say Dwight Yoakam’s “” release from 2000. The sparse arrangements really showcased those songs in a way entirely unlike their fuller, original versions, and it’s a very intimate album to play. I don’t put it on if anyone else is around.

    And my favorite Marty Stuart song is still “Tempted.” Is it his best? Nah. But I can’t help but to smile and sing along whenever I hear it.

  6. Either Johnny Cash’s THE HOLY LAND, Jean Shepards SONGS OF A LOVE AFFAIR or Bobby Bare’s LULLABYS, LEGENDS AND LIES would be my favorite concept albums, depending upon my mood at the time

  7. My alltime favourite concept album is Marty Stuart`s “The Pilgrim”. Marty is one of the rare musicians who knows how to play and create traditional country music. My favourite Marty Stuart song is hard to name, because there are too many and they vary with my mood. Right now I`d say my favourite one is “The heartbreak kind”

  8. I have a few favorite Concept albums Johnny Cash ride this Train & bitter tears Merle travis Folk song of the hills Bobby bare Sings lullabies legends & lies & Drive by truckers Southern rock opera & my favorite marty stuart song is casino off the badlands album heartbreaking song

  9. Since Red Headed Stranger and Farmers Blues have already been mentioned, I’ll go with Walls of a Prison as favorite Marty song.

  10. Favorite country concept album has to be Marty Stuart “The Pilgrim”!!! I stumbled upon this album a couple of years ago and have been in love with it ever since. Best Song…it’s close “Hobo’s Prayer or “Reasons”. I’d have to go with “Hobo’s Prayer”. The whole album is one great song though really. Can’t wait for his new album.

  11. I never listened to country music until just after Johnny Cash died – there were so many eulogies about him in the media that I thought that I should visit with someone that I had hitherto known only as an ATM machine spokesperson. Well, I haven’t looked back.

    I promise you that if you load a Carter Family Greatest Hits package, Emmylou’s Ballad of Sally Rose, Willie’s Red Headed Stranger, Patty’s Mountain Soul, Marty’s Pilgrim and the Louvin Brother’s Satan is Real, you will have the most fantastic soundtrack journey, not just of country music, but of human experience. All the timeless themes of love gained and lost, joy and grief, temporal success and failure, and relationships to things spiritual that great art must deal with in order to be well, great, is there. (Don’t do it on shuffle though because the three concept albums must be played from start to finish in their entirety. At least once. ) So sorry, my answer is a DIY cheat. But a good one. And I guess my fave Marty song would be the title track from Soul’s Chapel, which is a great album that does the impossible synthesis of gospel and surf guitar.

  12. Marty Stuart and Connie Smith are my two favorite singers! Marty’s Pilgrim album, his Badlands album and his Soul’s Chapel are my favorite concept albums – I would be hard pressed to pick between the 3, Soul’s Chapel might be my top pick.

  13. My favorite country concept album is by a good friend of Marty Stuart’s– Emmylou Harris’s Ballad of Sally Rose.

    (My second choice would be The Legend of Jesse James, by various artists singing songs composed by Paul Kennerley based on the story of outlaw Jesse James. The album features Johnny Cash, Charlie Daniels, Levon Helm, Emmylou Harris, Rosanne Cash, and Rodney Crowell.)

  14. I would have to choose between Pilgrim & Badlands…both have such a HUGE place in my heart as Marty’ s music has helped my family thru some dark times.I drove thru the Badlands with Marty’s CD on full blast, and spread my father ashes . We were supposed to make the trip together and Dad died just weeks before we were to go. Marty is my angel…

  15. My favorite concept album has to be “Punch” by the Punch Brothers. They completely changed the way I look at music with this release. Bluegrass/Country instrumentation with classical style arrangements. Only around 50% of the album is instrumental and you don’t miss voices or lyrics for one moment. The words come through in their playing. It’s absolutely phenomenal.

  16. I adore Marty Stuart and his band, his Souls Chapel cd is the best I have ever heard, the songs are sung with so much feeling they make me cry, I especially love “I can’t even walk without you holding my hand”, what a song!!!! Whether its country, bluegrass or gospel Marty is the best.

  17. Marty is the best, real country music, not that fake faux-pop music we are forced to hear on the radio and TV that everyone calls country music. Marty has the country music heart and spirit and his albums are the absolute best.

  18. I have been a fan of marty’s forever. His respect for his music, fellow artists, the love he shares so openly, is just an amazing gift he has. I love the respect and love he still has for the Man in Black, Johnny is still so strongly missed by my family and knowing Marty keeps his memory going is wonderful! There really just is no way to describe Marty, he has been a part of the business for a long time, seen it all, experienced it all and still keeps on going. Praise God for him and his talent and his strong personality to do what he does!!! I will remain a fan always!!! I just love listening to any of his music. His talent is just so amazing, I love it.

  19. My favorite country concept album is Souls Chapel. The song choices, the vocals, the Hammond B3 and Mavis Staples’s presence — not to mention Pops’s, through his guitar and inspiration — make it both uplifting and energizing. Marty’s sincerity, knowledge and love of the music is evident and fuels the session. In music’s arid digital age, it stands out as the most analog-sounding release I’ve heard in years, one that never gets old no matter how many times I hear it. (As a professional voice user, I find it’s also a terrific tool for warming up!)

  20. Willie Nelson’s Phases and Stages is one of my favorite country concept albums, for it’s sparse honesty. Another one is Dwight Yoakam’s Gone, which takes you through the emotional wringer. I also have to agree with the poster who mentioned Paul Kennerly, who did a fantastic job with his Civil War and Jesse James albums. Finally, Marty’s Pilgrim and Badlands recordings are works that keep the genre in play, and move it forward – and are rewarding to listen to. They’re both albums I love to listen to while driving!

  21. There are only two “Country Concept Albums” that I really could think of. The first was Luke the Drifter albums. Hank Williams had to hide his religious views behind the pseudonym in order to preserve his “brand”. The other is Shooter Jennings recent concept album, “Black Ribbons”, which explorers a world where the government takes over all radio broadcasts. Interesting they both had tones of censorship.

  22. I always think of Ray Price’s Night Life record as a concept record in the same way that Sinatra’s saloon records or heartbreak records were concept records. Little vignettes from a lonely soul — the power of the artist grants the diverse material a narrator who pulls all the threads together to tell a story.

  23. Fave has always been RIDE THIS TRAIN by JCash- until i heard the badlands cd by MStuart- Such a wealth of knowledge- more than i ever learned in 4 yrs of history class. I learned more about geography from Cash then anyone- he took us all over the globe and to different people’s lands… and you had to use your imagination, something video&games take away from the human soul these days…. God bless MStuart for keepin the tradition alive and well- “cant wait to hear this new CD!!!!!!

  24. i can say as growing up i have listened to Marty all my years and have seen him twice. I love the badlands cd as well as his country favorites but the 2 most favorite songs would be Blackbird and hillbilly rock but for the most mark it is hard to decide which one would be my favorite

  25. I’ve seen every video, listened to every song, found every artical I could, and even saw him in concert when he came to play at our tri-state fair. His music varies so much and I love it all. He’s been my favorite for as long as I can remember. :) One of my favorite songs are THE KING OF DIXIE and I always loved ROCKET SHIP too. Marty Stuart has the old country roots. No one can impersonate his music. He is always going to be my favorite. *(its got nothing to do with the long hair, and flashy jackets and boots lol)* :)

  26. @Bradley

    Man, I never really thought about Ray’s Night Life as a concept album, but your correct, it has the spoken intro and outro and the songs are coheisive. Speaking of Frank Sinatra “Only The Lonely” would be another concept album, also Johnny Mathis had “Open Fire, Two Guitars”, “Heavenly”, and “Faithfully” and of course there are The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour”.

  27. I will never grow tired of Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger. It absolutely takes you away to another time and another place, both musically and lyrically. It explores human suffering and life’s consequences in ways that few books or films have been able to. When visiting relatives in Ireland, I gave a cousin a copy and he fell in love with it too.

  28. Although it is not traditionally thought of as a concept album, I’d have to say Bob Dylan’s “Nashville Skyline” which has that great duet with Johnny Cash

  29. This is just too hard to choose from. All of Marty’s sounds and country contributions are too numeious as well as numerous to put into words. I really enjoy all his work from his music to his county flare. Have to say I have seen him up close and personal and he is as genuine as they get. Great sound and great songs. Thats What Love Is All About, Tempted, Burn Me Down, Hillbilly Rock…… too many to choose from. Enjoy and always value the contribution he has made to country music. Also, really love how he values and enjoys what he does because it really shows in his work.

  30. I first got hooked on Marty Stuart with hillbilly rock and Tempted as just a start not only his music but his moves make each song. He has a lot to contribute not just to country music but with everything he does.

  31. Can’t narrow it down to just one: Marty Stuart’s “The Pilgrim,” The Statler Brothers’ “Old Testament” and “New Testament”, Asleep At The Wheel’s “Ride With Bob,” Don Bowman’s “Whispering Country” (in which the subject of the parodies, Bill Anderson, called the whole thing – with tongue firmly planted in cheek – “a vicious attack on an innocent man!”), and Kenny Rogers and the First Edition’s “The Ballad of Calico” come to mind.
    How can one choose?

  32. Wow some of these folks have brought up some great albums. Two not mentioned that were certainly two of the best were by the ol’ wagonmaster Porter Wagoner. His “Cold Hard Facts of Life” was a haunting masterpiece. His “Skidrow Joe” album made you believe Porter had lived every line. True country excellence as is Marty and the guys!

  33. My favorite Marty titles are Burn Me Down, Tempted and High On A Mountain Top. I feel his integration of performers, styles, and history to the studio and stage, has been my true love for what he stands for. With that being said, instead of telling you my favorite concept album, I want to conceptualize a new album for Marty. How great would it be to work with Brian Setzer (for a little revisit to rockabilly), The Chieftains (for some roots music), with Radney Foster (what talent!), Dan Tyminski (hardcore bluegrass), Darius Rucker (a new duet), Eric Clapton (some instrumental picking), and the great Vince Gill (for some traditional country music)? WOW…..that would be a CONCEPT ALBUM!!!!

  34. My favorite country concept album is Dwight Yoakam’s “Dwight’s Used Records.” Dwight’s songs pulled from tribute albums and guest appearances on other artists’ albums, displays the breadth of Yoakam’s work with a conciseness that his own albums never could. He lends a bluegrass feel to the Flying Burrito Brothers’ “Wheels,” adds a loping, Johnny Cash-style arrangement to Little Eva’s R&B classic “The Locomotion,” and duets with everyone from Deana Carter to Ralph Stanley. It’s astounding to hear in one place just how easily Yoakam fits into rootsy mountain bluegrass, honky-tonk country, smooth adult contemporary pop, and earthy blues-inspired country-rock.

  35. the pilgrim is by far the best album marty has done,but the studio b sessions follow it nicely,my favorite marty songs are…tempted…half a red wine and cheating songs…fallin apart…the outro of the pilgrim featuring johnny cash…and ..soldiers joy

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