Two Too Awesome to Remain in One Universe

2010 brought two big steps for Country Universe writers Dan Milliken and Tara Seetharam!

Dan’s musings on country music have recently been published at Check out his awesome rundown of this year’s reissues: The Greatest Greatest Hits of 2010.  He also contributed to features on Toby Keith and Tim McGraw, selecting “Who’s That Man” as a prime Keith cut, and “Just to See You Smile” as prime McGraw.

Meanwhile, Tara has launched her own blog – – which features her musings on pop culture and has me secretly wishing to do guest posts on the non-country artists who populate my iPod.

Both writers are so amazing that expanded horizons are inevitable. We’re proud to have recognized their talent early on!


  1. Two of the best bloggers in the country realm, they are. Congrats to both of them for their achievements this year! Country Universe has a great writing staff that is always entertaining (even when I don’t agree).

  2. Plaudits not only to Dan and Tara, but to all the other good folks here who make this blog such an enjoyable place to be.

  3. I sincerely appreciate it, but no congrats necessary, y’all! I just launched the site to help me seek out more freelance work.

    Dan’s CMT stuff is awesome, though :) Congrats!

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