Single Review: The JaneDear Girls, “Wildflower”

This is a joke, right?

Because if it’s a joke, it’s absolutely brilliant.  The video alone is worthy of In Living Color at its heyday.

But if it’s serious, then we’re at least two horses into the country music apocalypse.  Possibly three.

I think they’re serious.

Written by Susie Brown, Danelle Leverett, and Jeremy Stover

Grade:  F

Listen: Wildflower


  1. Not that this song is any reflection of their character, but they came to perform at a marina I worked at this summer…

    Not the nicest folks to say the least.

    And the song is bad. But not as bad as their name.

  2. I think I’ve heard worse, but I’m definitely not feeling this. Besides the obvious fact that it’s a stupid song (particularly the second verse about borrowing her sister’s cotton dress), the girls can’t even sing all that well.

    (I believe it’s actually “Danelle” Leverett, with no “i,” not “Danielle”)

  3. Okay, it’s not just me. So when we all agree it’s a bad song, how do these songs still get airplay?

    Oh wait…none of us listen to FM radio anymore.

  4. ^ What’s even more mind-boggling to me is that radio has had tons of chances over the years to let promising female acts through the gate (Amy Dalley, Ashley Monroe, Emily West, old Bomshel, on and on), and THIS is the one they finally bite on? Incredible. But at least Sunny Sweeney is up there with them.

  5. I listen to radio all the time, and I wouldn’t really say they’re ‘biting’ on this duo. I rarely hear it. It peaked at 20, looks like its on the way down, and took about 10 months to get there.

    That being said, all those you mentioned are far more worthy of even that limited amount of play time.

  6. oooops. i found it mildly entertaining and slightly infectious. this isn’t half as bad as some of Jason Aldean’s most recent material and I would take it any day over Surgarlands “stuck like glue”.

  7. sorry Ben, it’s just my personal opinion :) I’m a simple guy that listens to the radio and when Jennifer Nettles starts doing that weird i don’t know what you would call it. (hip hop singing?), in the middle of the song it just weirds me out.

  8. Well i dont like this song or Stuck like glue, both songs are unbelievably annoying. Jennifer annoys me with that unnescary twangy thing she does with her voice.

  9. Honestly, I have no use for them or this song in my country music. They are just another wannabe throwaway act. I’m betting they won’t amount to much in the months to come. But in this radio climate, one never knows.

    How does “Stuck Like Glue” even compare? You may have your own opinion on the song, but the talent of Jennifer Nettles doesn’t even compare to these girls. Jennifer has a very expressive and powerful voice (when she uses it right).

    A rightful comparison would be acts like Stealing Angles, Trailer Choir, and even Gloriana. They all begin to blend together after a while.

    Dan, an excellent point about promising female acts. Although, the only one I agree with is Ashley Monroe. I couldn’t find anything truly great from any of the others he listed. At least in their radio singles. I haven’t listened to their albums.

    As for Sunny Sweeney, she SHOULD be the next big thing. “A Table Away” is a fantastic song. Catchy and fun yet substantive. What every singer, JaneDear Girls included, should strive for.

  10. I think “Stuck Like Glue” is miles better than this, but I kind of get the comparison. I could see myself really disliking that song if I didn’t happen to really like it.

  11. On first watching the video, I thought the opening/closing images of the so-called artists floating through the air might be a simpleminded reference to the Dixie Chicks’ video for Wide Open Spaces, which also featured imagery of the artists jumping/floating in the air as if launched from a trampoline.

    A “simpleminded” reference because in the context of the song and video, a reference to the Dixie Chicks would be as out of place as it would have been if, say, Faith Hill had given a shout-out to Loretta Lynn in the song “Love the Way You Love Me”.

    On closer examination, of course, I found that there almost certainly had been no reference intended.

    Being a man I am somewhat uncomfortable stating this, because I’d hate to be known as someone who habitually judges women on their appearance, but the artists’ fashion and make-up choices all seem calculated to make them sexually alluring, rather than more generally pretty or attractive, but with such… desperation that the end result is off-putting.

    It would be comforting to me if the video turned out to be a big parody like The Warren Brothers’ Sell a Lot of Beer, although it wouldn’t change my perception of the song… which is far too insubstantial to warrant my respect on its merits (e.g. Miranda Lambert’s The House That Built Me), and not remotely catchy or well-sung enough to earworm its way into my affections (e.g. The Band Perry’s Hip To My Heart). But I have regretfully reached the same conclusion as Mr. Coyne in his review.

    They’re serious.

    And that’s just scary.

  12. Based off something I said about “Stuck Like Glue.” Switch the two songs. The JaneDear Girls sing “Glue” and Sugarland sings this one. How would it change the perceptions of the two songs?

  13. I actually do think that jennifer has a good voice but it seems she doesnt like to use it. She sounds fantastic on her new single “little miss”, why?!?! because there’s no unnescary twang. Her voice sounds very fake to me in alot of songs.

  14. “Based off something I said about “Stuck Like Glue.” Switch the two songs. The JaneDear Girls sing “Glue” and Sugarland sings this one. How would it change the perceptions of the two songs?”
    I honestly don’t think I would like “Stuck Like Glue” if the JaneDear Girls sang it. I think it’s the personality in Jennifer’s performance that really makes that single. Besides that, I doubt Susie and Danelle could pull off the reggae breakdown like Jennifer does. After all, they just don’t have the pipes that Jennifer has. The lyrics of “Stuck Like Glue” are inane; That’s not what makes it special. The performance has to be what makes it. I think there are very few artists who have enough spunk and goofiness to make “Stuck Like Glue” work, but Sugarland has it.

    On the flip side of the coin, I’m pretty sure I would dislike “Wildflower” no matter who sang it. The lyrics fall into the well-worn “I’m so country!” category, and I don’t think even Sugarland could sell me more of that.

  15. I was wondering when you’d do a review on this song! Was really looking forward to what you’d say about it, lol, ;)

    I don’t care WHO sings this song I would still find it rather dreadful. (Evan I can’t believe you said you’d take it over Stuck Like Glue, lol, though I love that song). Oh, and where I am they play it ALL the time. Slightly less than the new Carrie Underwood song (which is equally dreadful, imho) and slightly more than Sunny Sweeney’s new song (which I absolutely LOVE!).

    It’s not country in any way I would call it. I feel they’re following in Taylor Swift’s footsteps. This sounds like it should be on one of those “Kidz Bop” albums my little sister listened to when she was 8.

  16. I would like to point out that I really appreciate this website. It’s a great place where you can feel free to express your opinions.

  17. I’m with Hope about these girls’ getting a full album release while acts like Emily West and Sarah Buxton (and so many others) got samplers. And now, even with a top 20 hit, Sunny Sweeney is only releasing a 5-song digital EP. How did this group get so much label support in times like these?

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