Inspired by Leeann Ward.

Sometimes it’s hard to write about country music.

Outside life intrudes, and the music that used to offer you sanctuary now greets you with mind-numbing banality.

But if there’s something true about all long-term country music fans, it’s probably that the music has uniquely inspired us, moved us in a way that other genres had failed to do.

The country music that I grew up with is the gift that keeps on giving. Twenty years later, songs that I know by heart but never had a personal connection to will suddenly become the story of my life.   I’m certain that the same is true for other country music fans.

The song that’s hitting home for me right now is “Little Hercules” by Trisha Yearwood.  Sometimes the burden we put on ourselves is greater than that which is put upon us by others. This song helps me keep things in perspective.


What country song is inspiring you these days, even if it isn’t a current day release?


  1. I don’t really have a song that inspires me at the moment, but a month or so ago I was really into the George Strait song “By the Light of a Burning Bridge”.

  2. Great advice in those Craig Carothers lyrics – give yourself a break. I’ve been pretty good at that over the years and my wife and I have always encouraged our kids to do likewise. At my age, the break is often an afternoon nap.

  3. …”our biggest problem’s what fish we are fryin’ – does it go with tequila or beer”

    inspirational stuff from easton corbin (a lot to learn about livin’) that puts a smile on my face every time it comes up in the car.

  4. A few weeks ago I set out to create a playlist of Waylon Jennings recordings spanning his 1990s output (a period woefully neglected by every compilation of his music released so far). I decided to include a live performance of “I Do Believe,” performed on Austin City Limits in 1996 (released on CD and DVD as “Outlaw Country: Live from Austin, TX”).

    Waylon rarely touched on religion in his music, so it’s an unusual song in that regard. Lyrically, I really identify with his spiritual philosophy and it’s timely because I’ve been thinking a lot lately about faith.

    The reason I went with the live version is that the only other recording of it was with Willie, Cash and Kris on one of the Highwayman albums and I felt the solo performance was more poignant. (Not that it matters, but Kristofferson chose to perform this song for 2003’s Lonesome, On’ry and Mean: A Tribute to Waylon Jennings.)

  5. Life’s too short to worry, life’s too long to wait.
    It’s too short not to love everybody and life’s too long to hate.
    I see a lot of men who haggle and finagle all the time, try to save a nickel maybe make a dime
    Not me no sirree, I ain’t got the time

    -Todd Snider

    Or if you subscribe to the “at least I don’t have it as bad as that guy” theory, then “Things Have Gone to Pieces” by George Jones.

  6. “What country song is inspiring you these days, even if it isn’t a current day release?”

    I’ve always been a big Johnny Cash fan and love “Solitary Man”. But for some reason, lately Chris Ledoux’s “Cowboy Hat” has been hitting really close to home. Old country, outlaw country… so much better.

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