1. You what I like most about the JaneDear Girls? They make for some very entertaining blog reviews.

    That said, this song is definitely stupid, but I do find it a bit more tolerable than “Wildflower.” And there were other songs on the album that were worse than either one of the singles.

  2. “I like the, uh, the end of the song.”

    “You mean the guitar part where it goes high?”

    “No, the end of the song…I like it. The end.”

    “You mean…”

    “No. You know where the song ends, and you come to a stop? I love that.”

    Best piece of dialogue from a video ever, and it so fits here.

  3. Not that it means anything (he said with tongue firmly in cheek), but I think John Rich produces these girls. This just might have something to do with them being as obnoxious on people’s ears as they are (IMHO).

  4. As pretty much the only song on the album that didn’t instantly make me want to rend my ears from the sides of my head, I suppose this was the obvious choice for a second single, but that says less about “Shotgun Girl” than it does about the rest of their album.

    Susie Brown is a pretty good fiddle player, but she barely gets a chance to show that off, so, factoring in Rich’s typically deadening production, it isn’t unfair to say that there is literally *nothing* that they do well.

    Which means that this should best “Wildflower” and peak somewhere in the top 10, right?

  5. Horrible and almost unconceivaible indeed, but “Merry Go Round” was easily the worst track on the album, in my opinion. Yes, I did listen to the whole album, but only because I was reviewing it. My expectations weren’t high, but I was prepared to be pleasantly surprised. I hated it.

  6. You beat me to it, Ben. I was just gonna say, “thank god it wasn’t Merry Go Round”. They keep playing that on XM Nashville 11 and it is just an abomination…worst song I’ve ever heard by an act that actually got on the radio…

  7. Some songs grow on me with time. Some “ungrow” on me. This song is in the 2nd group. It was ok the first time or two but now i realise there isnt really anything to it. I agree with the D.

  8. You gave this a D? What a nice early Christmas present for these girls, as that is far too lofty of a grade for this one.

    F- from me.

    Crankin’ up Waylon, Willie, and Merle? If either of those 3 guys heard this song, they’d be ashamed to be a part of this. Every single act out there right now is better than this trash that The JaneDear Girls give us. They can’t even sing, either.

  9. I’ll pay cash to anyone that can prove to me that “Kentucky Women”, “Crazy” or “If We Make It Through December” has played out the stereos of either one of their vehicles ever! I’ll settle for “Good Hearted Women”, “On the Road Again” or “Fightin’ Side of Me” as well!

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