Single Review: Kip Moore, “Mary Was the Marrying Kind”

Kip Moore’s debut single is an almost country spin on River-era Bruce Springsteen, via early Billy Ray Cyrus.

You might want to let that sink in before deciding to click the Listen link.

If you’re still interested, then you’ll be happy to know that “Mary Was the Marrying Kind” is really good, a promising debut single from a guy who can string together clever lyrics without sacrificing the heartfelt sentiment.

I found all of the girls in this song interesting and believable. I’d buy a concept album that fleshed out the back story of each one.  But Mary is the main focus, and he definitely let a good one go.  Kudos for him allowing us to reach that conclusion on our own, just by his choice of details and the weathered regret in his voice.

Further proof that 2011 is exceeding expectations.

Written by Dan Couch, Kip Moore and Scott Stepakoff

Grade: A

Listen: Mary Was the Marrying Kind


  1. Good call on the early era Billy Ray. Curious if this will get any airplay on radio. Not sure if I like the single quite as much as you did, but it’s better than average. As my friend and I call listenable songs on radio today, “high medial.”

  2. A sweet love story about the one that got away. This is the best song to namecheck a bunch of women since Shania’s “Who’s Bed Have Your Boots Been Under,” even if both songs are totally different in every way.

    I don’t quite hear Billy Ray Cyrus, but I see where you’re coming from.

    I’ll have to listen to this song a couple more times before making up my mind. I liked it on the first listen but wonder if the story will hold up with repeated listenings. But all and all, a great start for him.

  3. I haven’t really heard much Billy Ray songs since Achy Breaky Heart. I hope it gets air time. I would rather listen to country than Justin Bieber on the radio.

  4. Let’s hope for more Springsteen and less Cyrus! Yeah, great stuff for a debut. Come to think of it, most debuts are better than the later stuff.

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