Retro Single Review: Tim McGraw, “Welcome to the Club”

1992 | Peak: #47

Tim McGraw’s debut single showcases his ear for a good song, even if his skills as an interpreter haven’t quite caught up with him yet.

He’s a bit too twangy, and the listless production behind him doesn’t do him any favors.  But the talent is clearly there, and if given this song again today, he’d knock it out of the ballpark. (Assuming that he doesn’t shoehorn in a vocoder.)

Written by André Pesis and Steve Seskin

Grade: B-

Listen: Welcome to the Club



  1. I’ve never heard of this song. Interesting that Curb always called “Indian Outlaw” his debut single.

  2. I like this song, and this album, a whole lot. I actually bought it on cassette first,and on cd a couple of years later. “Welcome to the Club” was my second favorite on it after “The Only Thing I Have Left.” (Incidentally, George Strait’s version of that song was really good too.”) I also liked “Memory Lane.”

  3. I don’t think Tim gets enough credit for how far he has evolved, vocally and artistically. I know you have made note of it many times Kevin. You compare this to some of the deeper cuts on Live Like You Were Dying and I think it’s very evident how far he has come. I think he’s displayed a very thoughtful taste in material on the last 3 albums, though you have to sometimes look past the singles to discover that.

  4. …everything still sounds and looks a lot like tracy lawrence, but that wouldn’t be such a bad thing. the mcgraw twist in his voice is priceless and i still enjoy his singing as much as i did then in his early days.

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