1. The “He ain’t prejudiced” conceit comes off a little defensively projective to me. At least have the courage to stand completely behind your dunderheaded, pandering, jingoistic persecution complex…

  2. Haha wait… two audience close-ups and we get Shania/her husband and Nicole Kidman/Urban?

    However, imo nothing “defensively projective” (?) about this song; it showcases some national pride and says clearly that it isn’t prejudice that forms the subject’s convictions (which might be an easy jab taken by someone who doesn’t share them), but rather an unshakeable belief in the strength of his country.

  3. Funny how everyone complains about Toby’s 3 Patriotic songs but ALL of Taylor Swift’s are the same subject, somebody broke her heart. The only reason Taylor is doing so well is because she is NOT COUNTRY, she is a crossover so more people hear her music.

  4. No Jean, just no.

    Her songs may all have a relatively similar theme of love and/or heartbreak. But let’s be honest here. Country music is a genre that’s DEFINED by songs about heartbreak and love. So it’s really unfair, and totally unrelated to mention that.

    This song just annoys me because it takes bits and pieces from all of his other America related songs and smushes them all together.

    It’s not like it’s really even reflective of the times in the same way that Ronnie Dunn’s newest song is. It’s more of an indictment of everything Toby Keith doesn’t like, and while I may agree with him on more than one of the things mentioned in this song, that doesn’t necessarily make it a song worth singing. I guess it just seems like a giant cop out to me, and I just find that annoying.

  5. “American Ride” was his last big hit, and nothing from his last album hit the top ten, so maybe he’s trying to give his fans what they like the most?

    With his last two albums not even going gold, something’s off. I wonder if it’s just the single choices, though. “In a Couple of Days” would’ve been a great pick.

    If he’s going to put out an album every October, he’s not going to get the maximum impact at retail. His songs don’t go up the chart quickly enough anymore.

  6. I think the problem may be that he cultivated too much of the super patriot image for too long, and he couldn’t broaden his songwriting horizons or get out of that box. His most rabid fans seemingly will not accept him as anything other than a modern-day John Wayne, much like the most rabid fans of Gretchen Wilson seem to think of her as nothing other than a “Redneck Woman.”

    I guess the old saying is true: He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.

  7. Face it folks…. It’s all about the money…. Marketing is alive… Toby is not really as patriotic as the song would like you to believe…. The Craftsman wrench mentioned in the song isn’t even made in America….. I love Toby, but he’s in it for the money, not for AMERICA, and NOT FOR PATRIOTISM!

  8. Willie sounds like Don Schlitz. On a recent tweet Don said “when people say their song is “for the troops”…it’s really not.” Check out Don’s song “It’s About the Money”.

  9. I know this song did really well for Toby and he has a new video out called “Red Solo Cup.” Its pretty funny, but what is the deal? I can’t imagine “Red Solo Cup” will be a single because it is really silly and probably has a super fast burn factor. Also it says “testicles” in it and talks about getting lucky and who knows that might offend the prudes. Does anyone know whether “Solo” will be a single and if not how does Toby promote it and what not to translate into album sales.

    Anyway, I wish Toby and country radio would put out and play on the air more “Red Solo Cup” type stuff and less patriotic stuff. A lot of the patriotic songs are stupid and dumb and make me less proud of my country, not more proud of it. Plus where I come from people view patriotism as something for the lower classes not the sophisticated. But the novelty songs are funny and I would like to hear them more.

  10. Plus where I come from people view patriotism as something for the lower classes not the sophisticated.

    That just might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. What, so being patriotic makes you inferior? Remind me to steer clear of wherever it is you come from.

  11. Who cares why its writen for the money or not it is a great song.

    It should kind of remind us how we arent realy “Made in America” any more. We get everything from other places.

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