Retro Single Review: Alan Jackson, “I’d Love You All Over Again”

1991 | Peak: #1

One of the cool things about country music is that it gives voice to older thoughts, emotions, and milestones.

It’s hard to imagine a pop star celebrating ten years of marriage on their debut album, that’s for sure.  Written as a gift to his wife, Jackson honors their matrimony with a simple statement of awe and appreciation.

It also showcases a particular skill that Jackson has as a songwriter.  He can include a clever turn of phrase without it sounding forced, or worse, distracting from the overall mood:

“Has it been ten years since we said, “I Do?’ I’ve always heard marriage made one feel like two.”

Much was written back then about how the early nineties crop of hat acts launched to superstardom too quickly, but in retrospect, records like this prove anything less than instant success would have been unjust.

Written by Alan Jackson

Grade: A

Listen: I’d Love You All Over Again



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