Retro Single Review: Alan Jackson, “Someday”

1991 | Peak: #1

The conversational approach that wasn’t quite as effective on “Wanted” delivers here, mostly because Jackson has eliminated the middle man.

One of Jackson’s greatest strengths as a writer is that he’s able to craft lyrics that weave everyday jargon into poetry.   The man and woman here talk like real people talk, but the conversation is structured in such a way that it elevates it into art.

Written by Alan Jackson and Jim McBride

Grade: A

Listen: Someday



  1. Great song. I love how it makes you sympathize to some degree with both the man and the woman in the story.

    This was the number one song the week I was born. Whoa…

  2. …the classic in the video needed some fixin’ to be in mint condition again. this song was a classic in mint condition right from the first note.

    AAA still can be found in the usa, believe it or not.

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