Retro Single Review: Tim McGraw, “I Like It, I Love It”

1995  |  Peak: #1

Tim McGraw’s third number-one hit is an odd record to review, as it somehow defies the typical appraisal.  How does one even explain it?  The lyrics are silly.  It’s extremely cheesy.  It’s sole purpose of existence is to get the listener to sing along, so it throws everything it has into reaching that goal.  The second it comes on the radio, you can’t help but start bopping out to it.  You start singing along before you know it.  Then you might get tired of it to the point that you can’t stand to hear it.  But after a short time, you find yourself blasting it out your car windows again.

Maybe it’s the ridiculously catchy melody.  Maybe it’s the fiddle and barroom piano that hooks you.  Maybe it’s the way Tim just owns it with his infectiously playful Southern drawl.  Somehow, he totally sells the puppy-love tale of a guy dressing up, cleaning the house, holding the door open, and doing anything else he can think of to spoil his teddy-bear-loving girlfriend.

All I think to say is… “I like it, I love it… I can’t rise above it.”  Just listen, and try to understand.

Written by Mark Hall, Jeb Stuart Anderson, and Steve Dukes

Grade:  A-

Listen:  I Like It, I Love It


  1. Hmmmmmm… I was waiting for the review on this one. I was curious to see if was favorable. More often than not, I like what McGraw releases. This and “Something Like That”, while wildly popular with his fans and even detractors, are two I could never seem get on board with. I’m not sure why the simple lyrics don’t bother me in some of his faster songs, but I just can’t get past them in those two.

  2. I am not crazy about this one either. It’s one where I won’t change the station if comes on the radio, but at the same time, if I never heard it again, I would be just fine. The review I most looking forward to is “My Old Friend.” I actually think that one deserves an A+..just had to throw that out there.

  3. I’d always thought the highest grade was A+. Didn’t “This Is Me You’re Talking To” receive an A+? Has the system changed? Just curious.

  4. You’re actually right. The CU staff recently visited the topic, after some confusion, and it was confirmed that A is our highest grade…for now at least. The Yearwood review was an exception, as might be expected from a one word review.:)

  5. When “Indian Outlaw” came out, I instantly wrote off Tim as an artist I had zero interest in. Since then, he’s become my favorite male vocalist in the genre. This song is as fluffy as cotton candy, but it’s still fabulous.

    I’ve always appreciated that Tim isn’t afraid to pick “weird” songs and release them as singles (although this one isn’t weird at all). I feel like he’s gotten really uneven the past few years…but I can still bust out this album 16 years later and play it with my windows rolled down and not feel the least bit ridiculous (as is often the case with other music that I have nostalgic feelings toward).

    Oh..and it makes me lol when he says “I tho-ed out my shoulder”.

  6. @Leeann If my CU trivia serves me correct, Miranda Lambert’s ‘Gunpowder and Lead’ got an A+ for those keeping score.

  7. Meanwhile, back at “I Like It, I Love It”…

    this song makes me grin even now. It’s great when a self-professed party animal becomes tamed by love, and that’s the premise here. The melody is jaunty and super-singable, and the lyrics are fun and relatable…I’ll bet it’s a karaoke favorite. It’s just too darn easy to get into that chorus!

    Yep, I still give it an A, and I still sing along.

    P.S. I too had to “forgive” Tim for Indian Outlaw!

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