Single Review: Lucas Hoge, “Give a Damn”

Did you wake up this morning thinking “Man, I would sure love to hear another song about being from the sticks in the backwoods, and not giving a damn what those stuck-up city folks think?”

If you did, I just might have to bonk you on the head.  Anyway, here comes Lucas Hoge to make his own mark in the hallowed tradition of the “I’m so country songs.”  It plays like you would expect, with clichés  aplenty, and the guy sounding like a has a major chip on his shoulder throughout.  That aside, Hoge’s performance doesn’t have nearly enough oomph to sell a song like this.  That aside, the production makes the single sound like it was recorded over a bad karaoke track.

I can’t give much credit for taking an already-overused concept, and washing it over with extra blandness.  If you like one-dimensional backwoods cliché-piles, then this is the song for you.  Otherwise, stay away.  Far away.

Grade:  D

Listen:  Give a Damn (via Taste of Country)


  1. Thanks for the warning. Will there be a contest at the end of the year to determine the worst of 2011’s “I’m Country” country songs?

    I’d rather listen to city born Neil Diamond’s country classic, “You’re So Sweet, Horseflies Keep Hangin’ ‘Round Your Face”.

  2. Did you wake up this morning thinking “Man, I would sure love to hear another song about being from the sticks in the backwoods, and not giving a damn what those stuck-up city folks think?”

    How’d you know? ;)

  3. I have to shake my head at this record, one more slap against city folks’ negative stereotypes of country people that actually seems to perpetuate that stereotype even further.

    There was a time when country music used to be about the reality of country/rural life, the good and the bad times, and how people related not only to one another, but also to the land. These “I’m So Country” songs, as Ben calls them, are so far away from that reality that it’s no wonder so many city folks can put the country folks into a neat little box like they supposedly do.

  4. Totally disagree! Love the song, and I think he woke up and wrote the song for the TV show “Tom’s Wild Life” on GAC TV and it fits well. IF you actually paid attention he is from that small of a town and he’s not saying anything bad about city people, so not sure where that came from…
    you missed the mark completely on this one!

  5. It’s a good song written excellently for the purpose that Lucas was asked to write it. He has far more than one song. If you want to hear him sing one about the land, listen to “Dirt” on iTunes. He’s done a good job with this one and I’m excited for him.

  6. I agree only with the sentiment that this is a well done song for its purpose, as the theme song to “Tom’s Wild Life” on GAC. As a single, all I have to say is, “Meh…”

  7. Linda, I really don’t care if Lucas really is from a small town. It’s irrelevant. The only thing that matters in reviewing the song is the quality of the song itself, and I found it to be of poor quality.

  8. Why is it that I never hear “city songs” that denigrate country lifestyles as their sole subject? What’s with the latent, self-loathing paranoia in the country songwriting community? There’s no shortage of meaningful subjects, both happy and serious, available to write about, so why harp on this?

    I’ve lived urban and I’ve lived rural, and as far as I can tell, the explosion of “contempt” songs is utterly one-way and absolutely baffling. I’m listening to “You and Tequila” right now, and “The House That Built Me” just ended, so I know it’s possible to produce not just good but great country songs that can be recognized as such by any listener. “Country jerk” songs epitomized by “Bait A Hook” and “Way Out Here” are a discouraging trend that seems to have picked up speed in the past five years. To those writers, I implore you, lighten up.

  9. I think those types of songs are the only way that some people in the country community feel they can combat the “stupid hick” stereotype that non-country fans seem to have. I mean, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard insults thrown at country music and country music fans in general from ignorant people.

    Songs like this though don’t really accomplish much to combat that though, other than to further the stereotype and attach a big ol’ middle finger to it. Some of them are more listenable than others, but it just wears thin. I was listening to my local radio station where they play music from local, independent artists for one hour, and I think 75% of the songs I heard were in this exact same vein. I’m just growing weary of it. I don’t need to be reminded how country I am (or am not, based on some of these caricatures…).

  10. It’s so unnecessary. I just loved every second of “Rain Is A Good Thing,” the happiest country song in ages, and indisputably “rural good life” to the core. What’s the point of getting all “in your face” about the “in the city” contrast when all he had to say was “when it clouds up in the city, the weatherman complains, but where I come from, rain is a good thing.” There’s nothing hostile about it, it’s just true.

    If you MUST take a shot at cityfolk, that is the way to go. IMO.

  11. Wow you people are truely sadly mistaken. The song says nothing about beeping down on the city or city folks just because he is singing about rural hobbies and country things doesn’t mean he’s against the city. If you would take the time to learn at little bit about the artist before you begin to bash him you would know that Lucas is one of the good guys a truely good person who’s just trying to catch a break. Instead of being a bunch of mean spirited people why don’t you try being a supporter.

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