1. Yep, basically my thoughts on this song. I like how the song knows that it’s stupid and owns it, but I’m still not terribly keen on the idea of hearing this kind of song on the radio.

  2. Toby Keith’s pseudo-drunken delivery of the song is awesome.

    I’d prefer not to hear it on the radio though. I think it’s much funnier as an internet video/occasional humor song.

  3. How does a song “know” that it’s stupid? “Red Solo Cup” just IS stupid! There aren’t many songs that automatically make me change the station (besides anything by Justin Moore), but this is definitely one of them. Toby Keith has officially hit rock bottom!

  4. Maybe that was kind of a wonky way of wording things, but what I meant was that it’s obvious to me that the song is not at all meant to be taken seriously. Sometimes a song is presented as something to be taken seriously, but sloppy execution makes it come off as laughable, which I don’t think is the case here.

    That said, I do it would be better just to leave this as a funny internet video that one could watch when in the mood for it without having to be subjected to it while listening to the radio. I’ve been wrong before, but I kind of doubt that this will be a huge hit, especially looking at Toby’s recent chart performance pre-“Made In America.” (I could possibly see it cracking the Top 20, but any higher seems doubtful) I’ll be curious to see how it’s received though.

  5. I’m curious to see it’s future on the charts too.

    I haven’t actually liked a Toby Keith single since “I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying”, but I actually think this is pretty amusing. That being said, like any joke, I don’t think it’s going to hold up well for me. I’ve recently relocated to an area that actually has a country music radio station so, in a few weeks after radio has officially killed it for me, I’m sure I’ll groan and change the channel when it comes on.

  6. Country radio and country audiences seem to take themselves much too seriously these days. Amidst all the shrieking divas, rock guitars and socially conscious pablum, there should be room for songs that are nothing more than fun.

    I don’t know that this will be a big hit, but given how few of these songs one encounters these days, I think a top ten is possible

  7. I admit to liking my fair share of songs that could be called dumb or silly. I recently bought “Daddy Had a Cardiac, Momma Got a Cadillac” by Billy Yates and if “The Diary of a Worm” by his buddy Eddie Heinzelman was available, I would have bought that too.

    After listening to “red solo cup” twice I hope to never hear it again.

  8. …sounds like one of these charlie harper jingles. even the mood and the overall state of the singer seem…roughly familiar. and if it helps to finance the “alans” on his label, it’s even more two-and-a-half-men-ish.

    but seriously, haven’t we always suspected that there isn’t a thing in the south, you couldn’t make a country song out of?

  9. Love this song. I think it will (obviously) be a huge hit in college towns and with the younger crowd.

    Don’t have a problem at all with this song though & I hope it does well. Would we rather hear another by the numbers country-pop Lady A song or something more creative and funny like this song?

  10. This is just my take, but this is almost the kind of thing that Ray Stevens at the top of his game could make genuinely interesting and funny. Needless to say, Mr. Keith isn’t in R.S.’s league when it comes to stuff like this (IMHO).

  11. I like “Red Solo Cup”. Sure, its stupid, but somehow its infectious. And the video is funny.

    But I don’t know if this will hold up as a radio single being played a gazillion times a day. It might burn out fast with people. We’ll see.

    Anway, a novelty song every now and then definitely is a good thing. I like this song.

  12. He has put one funny bus song on each of the past few CD’s – that’s what this one is. It has turned into an internet hit, and a concert hit. His concerts are one big party, and this song is perfect for that! His band members said that recently when he played it at a concert in Europe, they were singing it in the streets for 30 minutes after!

  13. Parts of it are a little annoying (“you’re my f-f-friend…”), but any song that manages to rhyme disposable, decomposable and foreclosable is going to at least make me smile…

  14. Well, that didn’t take long… it’s been a couple of weeks and sure enough, the joke got less funny each time I heard it. The cute has worn off and it’s become annoying. Now, when it comes on the radio, I pass.

    Still curious about its Billboard chart fortunes though.

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