Twelve Songs of Christmas: Day Two

Song #2: O Come, Emmanuel


When they’re not focusing on steampunk imagery and incorporating reggae interludes into their songs, Sugarland can make some quite nice music, as evidenced by this track from its Gold and Green album. Jennifer Nettles’ and Kristian Bush’s voices blend well together, particularly on a folky, banjo-driven track like this one. – Sam


John Berry

John Berry’s powerhouse voice singing this powerful song is pure Christmas perfection. In fact, I never even appreciated this song until I heard Berry’s version. Now, thanks to this version, not only do I appreciate many versions, it’s turned into one of two favorite Christmas songs of mine. – Leeann


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  1. I would have to say that my favorite version is the Wynonna one on her Classic Christmas album! This song is meant for a power house singer like her! BTW, one of my all time favorite Christmas songs!

  2. Make that a second vote for Wy’s version. Like John Berry’s version for Leeann, hers really made me appreciate the song, seek out other covers and it is now one of my favorite Christmas songs (along with O Holy Night and Happy Xmas (War Is Over)).

  3. I like the Sugarland version, but prefer John Berry’s. As far as Christmas music goes, Berry is my favorite male artist and Suzy Bogguss my favorite female artist. They both have released two Christmas albums. Berry’s song “My Heart is Bethlehem”, written by 90’s country artist Michael Peterson, is one of my favorite Christmas songs written since 1980. Another is “It Wasn’t His Child”, written by Skip Ewing and recorded by Ewing and Trisha Yearwood.

  4. I absolutely love Sugarland’s O Come Emmanuel. One of my very favorite Christmas songs. Also I love Faith Hill’s Where is Christmas.

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