1. I haven’t listened to the song since Ben reviewed it about 3 weeks ago. Rather than listen again, I read the lyrics on-line. The Sugarbaker video is right on. Designing Women was a good show.

  2. I don’t get the criticism. It’s a safe and boring song, if anything.

    To be honest, I never really paid mind to that very first line, and the image I had in my mind of this song was always a first date, or something like that. For some reason I just never caught the whole ‘guy picking up a girl at a bar’ thing, even though its obvious. I think if you look at the song the way I did originally, the man becomes a much more likable character, interested, sincere. Funny how one line changes that whole dynamic.

    Even so, the delivery of the song, the music, the way Blake sings it…it just doesn’t come across as sleazy or pushy, to me.

    My criticism would be that it’s just not very exciting. It’s smooth and goes down easy, but it’s the definition of forgettable. And as a diehard Blake Shelton fan it pains me to see his career head in that direction.

  3. …i mean, i could be wrong, but after all this drinking on it, the outcome may be rather something like aj described in “i don’t even know your name” than that unforgettable memory blake shelton is hoping for at the end of the song.

    could have been a great tune with a different storyline, but as it stands, i could do with a little less drinkin’ and a lot more action.

  4. There are NO serious issues to articulate unless you are reading way too much into the song. This is just another song, albeit one that’s far better than much of what I hear on country radio these. I’d give this one a C+

    p.s. if you need a clip from mediocre sitcom from the past to express your opinions for you, you have bigger problems to deal with than this song

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