Single Review: Kenny Chesney, “Reality”

The song is about how we use vacations and spirits and such to escape the mundane lives we’ve settled into.

It’s a strong concept.  But the fairly flat delivery and a production that never takes off keeps things a little too grounded in reality for it to actually sound like the escapism it celebrates.

Written by Kenny Chesney and Brett James

Grade: B

Listen:  Reality


  1. Just another same old song, second verse, humdrum song by Chesney. Anything he sings always manages to get to the top of the chart. Never will understand that. His last 2 songs were pretty good, but this one is dullsville.

  2. Ben I am with you there 100%. If we are talking about When I Close My Eyes/She’s Got It All/Fall In Love/That’s Why I’m Here/You & Tequila Kenny vs. party in the sun Kenny then I am all for the former K Chez over the latter every time!

  3. The stark reality is that “Reality” doesn’t transcend the reality that Chesney is capable of significantly more if he tried, as his previous single demonstrated all too well.

    Just keepin’ it real is all.

  4. Every single time this song comes on the radio I have to check to make sure I didn’t accidentally switch over to a classic rock station, because the intro sounds EXACTLY like a Van Halen song…

  5. I’m actually not impressed by this track for that reason, as well as what Kevin already stated in that it doesn’t elicit an escapist appeal.

    Chesney has had above-average output in terms of quality with singles this go-around. “You & Tequila” may be his best single yet in my opinion, and “Somewhere With You” also ranks among his very best. “Reality”, however, is forgettable to my ears much like “The Boys of Fall” was, and “Live A Little” rates among his worst to date.

  6. …had they allowed the guitars to cover the lyrics completely, it wouldn’t have taken away much. too fast, too loud and not convincing enough theme-wise.

    just when you think he’d finally set sails in a new direction your faced with some never changing facts of life: leopards don’t chance their spots and kc keeps hanging on to his favorite two-tone footwear.

  7. For those of you that don’t like it, what would have been your next single choice from Hemingway’s Whiskey?

    When you take away the 4 songs already sent to radio and the couple of songs that aren’t very radio friendly, there weren’t a whole lot of options left. This one keeps with the tried and true Chesney themes and is inoffensive/plain enough to do well.

    You and Tequilla was great, but I’m not sure why people woud expect a drastic change in direction considering the material he has out right now. I think it was a solid single choice, given all that.

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