1. More or less what one would expect, though I’m still scratching my head over the Single nod for “Red Solo Cup.” It’s nice to see Church get an Album of the Year nomination for Chief.

  2. ACMs are a JOKE! No Keith Urban nominations….Come on! He had an outstanding tour! Also, his albums have sold better than Brad Paisley’s, too! His tour was rated higher than Brad’s. Why didn’t they leave him out. Then we have Mr. Popularity at the moment Blake Shelton who has not even headlined and his albums are not selling all that great. Guess it takes a song like Red Solo Cup to get you noticed and a tv show. And Kenny, all he has to do is tour and he does nothing else, but give him 9 noms….greedy!

  3. Too bad for no Pistol Annies and no “Cost of Livin'” – those’ll be my long-shot hopes for the CMAs.

    Glad to see Young break through. I know Urban’s great live and I’m sure Paisley is, too, but they’ve both been hanging around long enough that they need to raise their artistic game or make way. Chesney too, although at least he had one really good single this past year.

    Love And Theft over the Civil Wars is just silly, but the ACMs are mainstream radio people so whatever.

    Nice to see some deviation between the Song and Single fields.

  4. Zac Brown Band also received minimal recognition this time around, which I found just as surprising as the snubbing of Keith Urban. I thought they’d at least get a nomination for “Knee Deep” under the “Vocal Event of the Year” category, since Jimmy Buffett is featured and it was a massive hit itself.

    While I’m indifferent on Chesney’s strong showing here, it joys me nonetheless to see Grace Potter sharing part of three nominations via the “You & Tequila” effort. She remains rather underrated commercially, and so I’d love to see that standout single receive some accolades and heighten her visibility as an artist.

    The Eli Young Band also came in strong here. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of theirs necessarily, but I like them well enough and hope they can continue their momentum this year.

    Among the Peach Pickers, it must be supremely awkward having all three of them nominated for “Songwriter of the Year”. But hey, should one of the three claim this top honor, at least it’ll motivate the other two to write consistently better material! ;)

    “Don Remo Talent Buyer of the Year”?!!! Really? ;)

  5. …now thats what i call an awards list in the vast country universe. leaving aside the usual “music-stuff”, my vote would probably go to that casino in thackerville, oklahoma, to butch – the t-shirt guy of reba, to the jiffy lube live venue (no, i won’t tell what crossed my mind first, when i read that one), to “salty & fluffy” pop-corn machines, to sally “rubber boat lips” smith for groupie of the year and to “mighty stomper” as brama bull of the year. still terribly undecided, whether the life achievement award for beerholder should go to frosted mug or red solo cup.

    this list almost beats the credits following that movie i saw recently, where a guy was killed in a forest. i felt, they listed even the name of the trees under which the body had been found. can’t wait for the oscars to find out whether one of those trees or the bathtub will win the award for best murder venue.

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