Single Review: Rodney Atkins, "Just Wanna Rock N Roll"

What ever happened to the Rodney Atkins that put out a string of interesting and memorable singles in 2006-2007?  Is he now content to remain a continually middlebrow purveyor of radio filler?

Atkins' material has become so stale and predictable as of late that his new single “Just Wanna Rock 'N Roll” seems to merit little description, except to put to rest any expectations of it defying expectations.  Its only defining characteristic of note is its inclusion of the phrase “effed up.”

“Just Wanna Rock N Roll” is to 2012 what “Take a Back Road” was to 2011.  Enough said?

Written by Rodney Clawson and Chris Tompkins

Grade:  C-

Listen:  Just Wanna Rock N Roll



  1. haha. Totally agree Ben, but I must say that I do really enjoy this song. I guess I have to be entitled to a guilty pleasure every so often :/

  2. The use of drum machines and synthesizers in country music is really grating me big! What happened to the sounds of Vince Gill, Charlie Daniels, Paul Franklin and Jerry Douglas? Code word for what happened to country electric guitar, fiddle, steel, dobro, etc. Someone, please, bring these instruments back! Please!

  3. Major ditto to Motown Mike’s comment. I just find it astounding how few of today’s “country” stars are making regular and audible use of country instrumentation on their records. It’s just not even expected anymore. It’s become the exception rather than the rule. I’m not a purist by any means, but the reason I was drawn to the genre in the first place is because I thought country music had the coolest sound ever. So it sure does make me sad to see that sound evaporating.

  4. Is this the same guy that released 15 Minutes? I know the answer to that one by the way.

    Ya see, country music has gotten so bad that it’s ruined ones attempts at sarcasm.

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