Single Review: Sarah Darling, "Home to Me"

One of the things that frustrates me the most about today’s mainstream country music is the way so many of the songs just seem to be screaming ‘Like me!  Like me!  Like me!’

Sarah Darling has a beautiful voice, and has made some absolutely delightful records in the past, although radio hasn’t bitten on any thus far.  But everything about her current single just sounds a little too calculated, too spit-and-shine polished, too obviously crafted with the goal of appealing to a mass audience.

The hook “You feel like home to me” simply falls flat.  The figurative language doesn’t make sense (“Look like Georgia”?  “Talk like Kansas”?  Huh?)  The production sounds recycled from just about any recent country radio hit, and the melody has no real pull to it.

Even at its very best, “Home to Me” feels like little more than the musical equivalent of nice wallpaper – pretty enough, but hardly

anything to get excited about.

Written by Caitlyn Smith and Bobby Hamrick

Grade:  C

Listen:  Home to Me


  1. Please, you cannot be serious. This is among the best songs out there! Can’t believe the radio is not playing it!!!! I think you need to listen to it again and hear how incredibly artistic it is.

  2. I’m afraid I was perfectly serious, but I’m glad you got more out of this song than I did, and I would love to hear about why you consider the song artistic, especially since this post hasn’t yielded any discussion until now.

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