Single Review: Hunter Hayes, "Somebody's Heartbreak"

You know how some kids are all excited to go into battle, and then they join the army and find out what war’s really like?

“Somebody’s Heartbreak” is the lovestruck equivalent of that misguided innocence.   Hayes is volunteering to get his heart broken by the girl he fancies,  figuring it’s better to have love and lost than to have never loved at all.

It’s charming. It’s country.  It’s sweet but not saccharine.  It’s a teenage country record that’s equal parts teenage and country.

The young guy’s ridiculously talented, and I hate to send ill will his way.  But honestly, I can’t wait ’till this guy really

does get his heart broken.   He’ll make some killer country music then.

Written by Andrew Dorff, Hunter Hayes and Luke Laird

Grade: B+



  1. …metropolitan country with added motown-flavour it might be. the tribeca-answer to small town usa.

    hunter hayes has got a lot of talent, the looks (if you’re into freshmen), but would i feel comfortable sitting in his show in boots? not really. would i spend my “country-99 cts.” on him? not if i wasn’t heartbroken too – and legless.

    funny, i can’t really enjoy his music, because i can’t get the picture of a singing high-school senior out of my mind, when i hear him.

    good music, just not my cup of tea – must be an age thing.

  2. I picked up a used copy of Hunter’s album last week on the strength of Storm Warning and Wanted and I was surprised how good it was. I like this song too and it probably isn’t even one of the best songs on it.

  3. I’m a big fan of Hunter’s music and the approach he has taken with his music (and I’ll second that the album is – for the most part – really solid).” He does look like about 6 years younger than he really is (he’s 21 now) but, hey, that’ll help him keep fans a long while, I suppose.

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