Single Review: Gloriana, “Can’t Shake You”

Surprisingly good, actually.

My expectations are generally modest when it comes to Gloriana, as I thought their first four or five singles sounded more or less the same.  But in contrast with the mostly weightless fare that preceded it, “Can’t Shake You” is the first Gloriana single that deals with heartache, and it turns out to be the group’s strongest single to date.

The hook and the overall concept are simple but effective.  The melody is compelling, and the vocalists sound genuinely committed to selling the story, with Rachel Reinert even turning in a beautiful falsetto in the second verse.  The production is glossy enough to be radio-friendly, but featuring strains of steel and mandolin that imbue added character to the arrangement.

It may turn out to be a fluke.  We’ll have to wait and see.  They may very well slip back to fluff mode with their next few releases.  But regardless of what their musical path is from here on out, “Can’t Shake You” remains one noteworthy instance in which Gloriana definitely got it right.

Written by Tom Gossin, James T. Slater, and Stephanie Bentley

Grade:  B+


  1. I very much agree with this review. I have long overlooked Gloriana but this song definitely made me more interested in checking out their other stuff. I like the part of the chorus when they sing “erased all your numbers,blocked all your calls, tried another lover,” etc.. They also nailed the harmony this time around. It’s tight and feels organic.

  2. This is one of their best songs, if not their best.

    They nailed the harmony Little Big Town style and the lyrics keep me very engaged in the song.

    The production is down-to-earth and doesn’t get in the way.

    Grade: A-

  3. …while the “serious country fan” can find much good in little big towns catalogue, it helps to be an avid watcher of “one tree hill” to find gloriana – and virtually all of their songs – really pleasing. this one is no exception.

    strong harmonies, yet mostly on the superficial side of things make them well suited for the radio. sort of lady a. plus one.

  4. …sometimes there are just almost unbelievable coincidencies happening: look at the song titles of the last two reviews and then switch to cnn.

    too many guns? will there be a country star brave enough to write that song – seems to be about time, from my point of view.

    what an unbearable time for those parents there and everybody in the world who’s got children.

    good luck and more wisdom, america.

  5. Tom said, “too many guns? will there be a country star brave enough to write that song – seems to be about time, from my point of view.”

    check out Chely Wright’s tweets on 12/14.

  6. To Tom:

    Given that pro-gun conservatives make up a disproportionate share of the country music audience, I doubt that any country star will be promoting gun control.

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