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acm awardsIf you’re tuned into tonight’s show at Blake and Luke just ain’t gettin’ buy tadalafil online it done for ya, come commiserate on the state of this genre with us. It’ll be fun, maybe!

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Entertainer: Luke Bryan

Female Vocalist: Miranda Lambert

Male Vocalist: Jason Aldean

New Artist: Florida Georgia Line

Album: Eric Church, Chief

Song: Miranda Lambert, “Over You”

Single: Miranda Lambert, “Over You”

Musical Event: Jason Aldean, Luke Byran & Eric Church, “The Only Way I Know”

Music Video: Little Big Town, “Tornado”


  1. I fell asleep earlier for a nap and woke up about half an hour ago. I kinda liked Little Big Town’s “Your Side of the Bed” performance but otherwise I’ve just been reminded how disinterested I really am in contemporary country.

    I think that Tim McGraw/Taylor Swift song, “The Highway Don’t Care”, might sound good on record (I haven’t heard it) but that live performance was just a cacophony.

  2. I haven’t seen Luke Bryan perform live so I can’t comment on how deserving he was of the award. I know that simply having a big year on the record charts does not make you a great entertainer, nor does being the headliner.

    I suspect that Merle Haggard, who turned 76 on April 6, probably still puts on a better show than anyone nominated for the award this year and I could say the same for Asleep At The Wheel and Gene Watson

    THe opening number was horible but themremaining numbers were at least okay . It was nice to see Stevland Judkins perform tonight . On the other hand, it seems as if George Strait is losing his chops (perhaps he has a cold or something else that could account for his poor vocals)

  3. Am I the only one horrified by some of the women of country and their trashy taste in “fashion”? I don’t know what the Grammy producers were worried about — the real violations were at the ACM’s ya’ll. C’mon, ladies, show some class.

    Miranda in particular looked like a two-bit, trailer park hooker.

    I couldn’t tell if I was watching the ACMs or the AVNs.

  4. I thought George Strait sounded just fine, though maybe that was because by the time he came on stage I was just grateful for something that wasn’t a homogeneous auditory assault. I liked watching Garth Brooks sing along with him on the abridged “Cowboy Rides Away”, but I feel like that segment was too much of a tease. I’d have loved an actual, full duet between the two.

  5. Agree Travis. I love though hearing Garth sing the Last Dance. I thought Luke was off key singing his song, he got better at the chorus. I thought for sure Miranda was going to win Entertainer since she cleaned up on the awards. It was nice to hear her say that it was Carrie’s year to win. I wonder though, is Carrie now in the realm of Reba, Faith Hill, Martina to never win again female vocalist again? I figure next year new people like Kacey Musgraves will win it.

  6. Amongst all the exasperated thoughts I had during the show was this: if the Pistol Annie’s are going to get so much camera time, couldn’t they be SINGING during more of it? No, they have to back up the “Boys Round Here”.

  7. While these artists have to be gracious about winning awards, it doesn’t surprise me that there will be times when they sincerely feel that somebody else deserves it. Even with lots of success, insecurities are still real and present. It’s not Miranda’s fault that she won the award, even if so many people felt that Carrie deserved it. So, I hope she won’t feel too uncomfortable that she won it and will still be able to enjoy it. I honestly felt the same way about Kenny Chesney when he kept winning. I felt bad for the backlash against him, even as a non-fan, because these artists are people and I imagine it feels pretty crappy to feel that a lot of people are angry that you won something that you had little control over. I know I would. For what it’s worth, I did think Carrie deserved the award this year.

  8. @Jason By the time the CMAs roll around, Mama’s Broken Heart will have been cemented as a big hit, probably 2013’s biggest hit by a female, with legitimate critical acclaim. Seeing as the industry’s willing to shower Miranda with love for subpar singles like Over You and Fastest Girl In Town (despite stronger and bigger selling singles from Carrie), a legitimate hit like Mama’s Broken Heart will be all the excuse the CMAs need to keep voting for Miranda.

    Miranda’s on the road this year with Dierks Bentley (and an opening act), billed as a coheadlining tour though Miranda plays last every night. The promoter only reported one box office gross (which was strong, around 9k in Jacksonville) but the fact that only one boxscore was reported is generally not a great sign for how the tour did. They’ll be playing amphitheaters later this year, they’ll do better during the summer and because they’re part of the Megaticket series that lets people buy tickets to multiple concerts at a discounted price.

    Carrie’s tour will be bigger but again, the industry’s shown that Miranda doesn’t need to have as big a tour (or even headline) in order to get an Entertainer nomination and preference in the Female Vocalist category, and Carrie can have one of the year’s biggest tours without being nominated for Entertainer at all.

    The other thing to keep in mind is Carrie’s probably already released the strongest singles off her album and they’ll be distant memory by the time the CMA votes. Not that she doesn’t have some great singles left if they release them but there isn’t another Blown Away that’s an obvious critical and big selling hit.

    If Kacey Musgraves has another hit with Blowin Smoke (which I love) I can see her picking up some love as a Female Vocalist nominee if people are looking to vote for somebody other than Miranda. But there are no signs right now the industry is looking to support any female other than Miranda.

    That’s the unfortunate part here: in a fairer world we’d see a CMAs where 3 females would be picking up big awards and dominating the major categories: Carrie, Miranda, and Kacey would all be picking up awards in major categories (Carrie for Entertainer/Female, Miranda for Single, Kacey for New Artist, Song, and maybe Album). But unless the industry starts supporting multiple females, it isn’t going to happen.

  9. All good points, Leeann. I often get irritated at awards going to who I feel are the wrong recipients, but my feelings are directed toward the voters, not the artists.

    I’m more or less okay with Miranda winning Female Vocalist, and I definitely saw it coming, though I would would have been beyond thrilled if Carrie had taken it. And I don’t really mind Aldean winning Male Vocalist either because I think his career accomplishments and genre presence warrant it, even though I’m not a fan of his music.

    For me, Luke Bryan’s Entertainer victory was the real head-scratcher. He might reach a point where such an award is warranted in the future, but this felt beyond premature to me. I can hardly even believe it happened.

    But I do have to give the artists props for accepting their awards with class and humility, even if the winners were not the ones whom I would have chosen.

  10. I know Luc has a HUGE fan base..just based on his album sells, etc. But for me, Luc was better suited for male vocalist and Jason for Entertainer.

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