1. My favorite singer of all time. A few drinks + some old Jones tunes always equals a few tears. ‘If Drinking Dont Kill Me, Her Memory Will’ and ‘Wine Colored Roses’ are probably my favorites. Rest In Peace George.

  2. I am so sad to read about the passing of a true artist. I am sadden to see George Jones has passed. George Jones seems to be the last of a dying breed, An artist who did what HE loved each and everyday. No record executive ultimatums to sing “this type” of music, allowing no label executive telling him he sounded “too country”. He sang country music, he sang well written music, until the day he died. The Possum was throughout his career an example of a real artist, someone interested in the quality of music, not just the quantity. Music has lost one of it’s greatest artists. RIP George Jones, “The Possum”.

  3. Right now, I can’t think to write anything more than what I wrote as my Facebook status this morning:

    Country music has lost one of its very best today. Rest in peace, George Jones. Thanks to a George Jones album that my grandfather had, he was one of the very few traditional country music artists that I liked back when I was an obsessed new country music fan who said shameful things like, “I love country music, but not that old stuff.” Now that the tables are turned and I say things like “I love country music, but not that new stuff.”, George Jones music has one of the highest counts in my iTunes. Nobody’s gonna fill his shoes.

  4. Such sad news to wake up to this morning. I’m glad though that he knew how much he was loved and what type of impact he had on real country music. I had to select certain songs on my iPod a while back, but the ones I currently have on there from George are: “When the Last Curtain Falls”, and then his duet with his daughter Georgette: “You and Me and Time”. Now I’m listening to song of his tunes and watching some old videos on YouTube.

  5. A beautiful duet between George Jones and a Country Universe favorite, EmmyLou Harris. “All Fall Down”

  6. …if you leave this world leaving a box-set of music behind that has the potential to break the back of the fed-ex guy and harbours some of the greatest treasures of country music – then you must have been doing some things right.

    empires fall, glaciers melt, but no-show jones will show up as long as there’s country music played somewhere. rip, george jones.

  7. I was so saddened when I heard of George Jone’s passing last week. There’s still a lot of George Jone’s discography for me to go through, but my I do love “He Stopped Loving Her Today”, “She Think I Still Care” and especially, “The Race Is On”.

    I think I’m still a bit too young to fully appreciate Jone’s impact on the genre (and music in general!), but I think it’s time I dig a bit deeper into Jone’s musical history.

  8. Love his song “Choices”, which was always a favorite, but has taken on a different hue over the last couple of days. Each restaurant/bar with a jukebox has gotten a $1 donation from me so I could play the tune over the last couple of days.

  9. The funeral bits and pieces I’ve seen have been so heartfelt. George got a terrific sendoff.

    Is everyone still in mourning around here? Haven’t seen anything new in a while.

  10. “The funeral bits and pieces I’ve seen have been so heartfelt. George got a terrific sendoff.”

    I caught the end of it. I was doing fine until Jones’s pastor shared that, knowing his family wouldn’t be able to grieve privately, he wrote letters to them. Even that I thought was sweet, but when he said that there were letters to his unborn twin grandchildren, I immediately began crying.

    Alan Jackson’s performance of “He Stopped Loving Her Today” was the single most emotional performance of any song I can recall seeing. I don’t know how he got through it except through sheer will.

  11. I agree that Jackson’s performance was very powerful, but the performance that moved me the most was from Vince and Patty. Vince “sang with a broken heart” and Patty powerfully supported him.

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