Single Review: Scotty McCreery, “See You Tonight”

See-You-Tonight-scotty-mccreeryScotty McCreery has stated in interviews that his main goal with his upcoming second album is to get a Top 10 radio hit.  First single “See You Tonight” makes that goal a little too obvious.

McCreery makes his songwriting debut on “See You Tonight” – a song which aspires to be nothing more than radio fluff, and doesn’t even work on that level.  A great hook is an important component of enjoyable radio fluff, but the hook of “Girl, I gotta see you tonight” is weak and forgettable.

The single largely abandons the moderate traditionalist bent of McCreery’s debut album, with a polished-to-a-fault contemporary arrangement and pounding guitars taking its place.  Though McCreery is a technically proficient singer, his performance does little to cut through the stink of pandering that hangs over the whole project.

Scotty McCreery may have strong voice, but his artistic potential will not be realized as long as he keeps shamelessly chasing radio.

Written by Ashley Gorley and Scotty McCreery

Grade:  C

Listen:  See You Tonight


  1. I watched the American Idol season that McCreery was on and he mentioned Josh Turner as one of his idols. If only he’d learn to select music like Turner would. Clearly the radio executives have gotten to him.

  2. The song does not pander to anyone or anything. Since is the only negative review I’ve seen — I’m just writing it off as “fluff.”

    And I’m warning folks not to click on this site to provide any more hits.

  3. It’s a bit of a Catch 22 isn’t it? If he stays true to his traditional country roots, radio will ignore him. Alas, he must “pander” to radio to keep up with the “gems” that the likes of Blake Shelton et al are putting out. Country radio is the one with the problem. I hardly listen to it anymore with all the garbage that passes for country music these days. I do agree that See You Tonight is fluff–much too juvenile for my taste, but I have no doubt that in addition to the obligatory radio fluff, Scotty’s new album with also contain some “not so fluffy” gems that I can listen to on my ipod or on my cd player.

  4. to Sinycalone, Everyone has a right to thier opinions. I have to agree with this well written review. Scott M is clearly a talented artist but there is no doubt that this panders to country radio and the radio & record companies. Regular readers of this site do not fall victims to being TOLD what to like. Just my opionion.

  5. …radio needs songs like this – there’s 24h to fill. melodic, repetitive and as interesting as the 47th tumbleweed passing by on a windy day in west texas.

    the new thing here is that the chorus is actually the song and the verses serve only the purpose that i would be all chorus otherwise. anyway, it’s about time randy travis’ stalker’s anthem “what’ll you do about me” was replaced by something more pressing in order to reflect a more present day approach.

    guess it beats the average commercial, though.

  6. I can’t blame him for releasing radio fluff. For male singers in country music, its a dog-eat-dog world. If you refuse to release the obligatory redneck-truck-country heaven song, they are plenty of others right behind you willing to grovel at the knees of the majesty of sound. I mean where did Chris Cagle go after his big song? Guys in country music are dime a dozen and their voices are usually the same to the average listener. Its cruel but.

    I think once he becomes more established he might release heavy material and better sweeter fluff. Of course look at Blake Shelton and Aldean for the exceptions to the rule.

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