Single Review: Cole Swindell, “Chillin’ It”

Cole Swindell Chillin' ItHere’s the dilemma.

Cole Swindell has turned in an excellent record by many measurable standards.  It’s well-paced, he’s got some charisma behind the mic, it’s identifiably country, and intelligently structured.  Any song these days that has a clear beginning, middle, and end, and also manages to get it all done in under four minutes, feels like manna from heaven.

But all of this is in service to the most played-out, increasingly insufferable, and remarkably unnecessary country song concept: guy and girl hanging out in the country,  love and liquor in tow.

It’s a bit like an exquisite painting of dogs playing poker.  Great technique, ridiculous subject.

Written by Shane Minor and Cole Swindell

Grade: B-




  1. About as safe and uncatchy a single that could have been wrote and then chosen by an artist. There is absolutely nothing of value in this song, not even 3:27 worth of toe tapping, hand clapping or head nodding. YAWN, NEXT………….

  2. It’s catchy, I agree. But this one definitely sounds like a spin-off of “Cruise”. I tried singing this while “Cruise” is playing; and the two have really similar structure – from the chorus to the verses, etc. Now let’s just wait for another permutation of “Cruise” to surface and become a radio smash!

  3. I’ll give Cole Swindell this: his technical songwriting skills are quite strong here.

    And before any of you try to put words into my mouth, note i specifically said TECHNICAL songwriting. Because the truth of the matter is that Swindell has a sharp ear for melody, flow and harmony. And that nearly proves to be a saving grace of sorts.

    (face palm) However, the saving grace is stymied by the irritating hip-hop beat driving the entirety of the verses, and some poor LYRICAL songwriting. Not to mention that this is a poor man’s “Cruise” and just comes across as a calculating, crassly opportunistic attempt to milk the “Cruise” effect for all its worth.

    I’d say a strong C to weak C- here.

  4. So basically he took the lyrics of “I Don’t Want This Night To End” and put it to the production of “Drunk On You.” He also borrowed some of Luke Bryan’s phrasing for good measure.

    Every line of this song feels like I’ve heard it a million times before and the production feels unoriginal as well.

    Swindell just seems like Luke Bryan Jr. They even belonged to the same fraternity at Georgia Southern! Everything I’ve heard from him, granted that’s only a few songs, sounds like tracks that didn’t quite make Luke’s album. His album has songs called “Hey Yall,” “Swayin” and “Down Home Boys.” I don’t believe he will have an original idea on his album. I just can’t understand how songs like these, that have nothing that stands out, can quickly become big hits and launch careers.

  5. …finally, a chick wearing wedges in the sticks, a little country side water hole with a sunset, a bunch of trucks and a guy, who sings. why did nobody have this great idea before him?

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