Single Review: Thomas Rhett, “Get Me Some of That”

Thomas Rhett Get Me Some of ThatBetter than it has any right to be.

The mind-numbingly dull lyric has nothing new to offer, with details that sound more like a pitch for an Axe commercial than an actual documentation of a realistic human experience.  The band also phones it in, with nothing more distinctive than a Karaoke backing track.

But Rhett sells it anyway.  It’s nice to hear a guy who can actually sing being allowed to do so, without any production tricks or clumsy attempts at spoken word.   Sincerity is always a plus in my book, and “Get Me Some of That” is better than similar records because Rhett sounds engaged, not detached.

I don’t really want to listen to it again, but if I had to pick one brocountry album to hear all the way through, I think Rhett’s might be the one that’s the least likely to be painful.

Written by Rhett Akins, Michael Carter, and Cole Swindell

Grade: B-


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  1. I think when you look at a song list for an album and see a song entitled “Get Me Some of That”…you have a pretty good idea of what you’re going to get. Especially when it comes out in the current era of country music.

    I’ll say this…the guy does have a good ear for a catchy melody. Both this and “It Goes Like This” are utterly atrocious lyrically…but they do get stuck in your head rather quickly. I also agree with the review that Rhett seems committed to the material…hell, the music video gives that impression, as it shows him continually bobbing his head to the groove of his song. I don’t think he’s doing this music solely for trends…this seems to be what he likes to record.

    All that being said…I just can’t get into something this stupid. I like my share of novelty songs that probably aren’t everyone’s taste…but when these types of songs get thrown out there with this much frequency, it just gets old after a while.

  2. …this is “florida georgia line almost”, yet without all its charm and catchyness. actually, this song consists of far too many words. repeating “hump” from start to end would have been only marginally dumber than singing “some of that” those two dozen times or so.

    if things continue along these lines, we soon gonna have “pussy on my mind” indstead of the ol’ georgia. at least, that would be honest.

    however, when new releases get to be as boring like this, the turning point of the pointless bro country episode might be closer than one would think. pity though, that there isn’t anybody new out there with a penis and the Talent, as well as potential, to give things a new direction toward the more interesting.

    what a shame, now that female country music is reaching a new all time high under the combined force of taylor, miranda, ashley, kacey or newcomer brandi clark. never mind, as long as those ladies are flying high – even another “some of that” or “truck, yeah!” dud can’t bother me really.

  3. They (listeners, all of us) won’t be singing this song in 20 days much less 20 years. Yet another unmemorable, boring bunch of musical dribble running down the chin of bro-country radio. Someone wake me up when something else more interesting hits country radio, such as a new Miranda Lambert single or something by Ashley Monroe. Yaaaaaaaawn, going back to sleep now.

  4. How can you release this as the follow up to “It Goes Like This?” It’s like he’s already trying to recapture the “magic” of his breakthrough hit with a copy of it.

    Just another bro-country “pick up the hottie at the bar” song. It would be really interesting if male artists sang songs about girls with thoughts and feelings. The only things we ever learn about the girls in country songs are how they look and how tight their jeans are. But I guess that’s fine since, according to the bro-country handbook, women are just objects.

  5. Sorry Ben! I cannot by my conscience give Rhett’s dad and his co-conspirators of this embarrassment the benefit of the doubt just because this bolsters solid technical songwriting.

    Yes, I did in fact admit this has strong TECHNICAL songwriting. Its writers have an effective ear for melody, scansion of meter and developing an infectious sing-along hook. These qualities render this immune to an abject failing grade.

    Any praise ends there, however. The production is as sterile as anything I’ve heard on supposedly “country” airwaves and it is a slap in the face that they just randomly toss the token banjo in for a few measures in the final few seconds of the song as though after recording the track they said “Damn, we were supposed to record a……COUNTRY single? OMG, WHAT DO WE DO?!!!”…………and then some wisecrack executive says: “Hey, don’t sweat it! We’ll just throw a token banjo at the very end so gullible country listeners will identify it as country! See, problem solved!” -__-

  6. (2)

    It doesn’t help matters that the lyrics are ridiculously asinine (“You’re shakin’ that moneymaker, like a heartbreaker, like a college major…”)

    Beyond that, Rhett and his conspirators have no regard for who he sexually desires as anything more than a thing, and the way it lyrically postures itself is all “Give me me me what I need need need!” It sounds self-absorbed and kind of creepy.

    That made clear, I disagree that Rhett sells this song (unless one means to the frat-douche demographic, then “Mission accomplished!” in that case). Rhett just isn’t a good vocalist to my ears, either at higher or lower registers.

    “Get Me Some Of That” is frat-douche ear candy past its expiration date. A solid D+ is what I’ll assign it, though it is exempted from my Worst Singles Of 2014 list due to it being officially released in autumn of 2013.

  7. So I said above that I was waiting for something more interesting than this, such as “a new Miranda Lambert single.” Well now that it is out, I can safely say it is better and more interesting than this bro-country demo tape.

  8. My apologies, Kevin! Thanks for the clarification! I was tying that particular comment on my slow-loading Android at the time! =P


    Most anything out there on the airwaves at the moment is at least marginally better than this, Motown Mike! ;)

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