Single Review: The Band Perry, “Chainsaw”

The Band Perry ChainsawA cool sounding record that is ultimately undermined by a juvenile delivery.

As is often the case with the Band Perry, the arrangement is interesting.  This is one of their more distinctive records in that sense, with enough changes in mood and sonics to give you aural whiplash.

But the vocal is so childish that it makes “Picture to Burn” sound like restrained maturity.  They’ve got the vocal chops, and they’ve got the creativity, but they don’t seem to be able to balance the two very well.  So yes, it’s interesting.  But it’s not very enjoyable to listen to.

Written by Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, and Matt Ramsey

Grade: C




  1. At least there’s no titular false advertising at play regarding what kind of listening experience to expect! ;)

    And at least this isn’t another murder revenge fantasy song about a woman who has been cheated on decapitating the trangressor with a chainsaw either! That’s got to count for something too! ;)


    What’s most disappointing about “Chainsaw” are two things.

    Firstly, I’ve been impressed as to exactly how much more confident and charismatic a vocalist Kimberly Perry has grown in such short of a time. Although I didn’t particularly like “DONE”, I nonetheless thought her vocals were strident and powerful there. And then she effectively balances that out with an air of vulnerability on the otherwise banal “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely”.

    “Chainsaw” just doesn’t do her developing vocal talents justice. If anything, some casual radio listeners who are oblivious to the rest of their catalog would believe she is regressing here into early Taylor Swift territory here.


    Secondly, of the four singles released from “Pioneer”………….when you size them up together with the contemplation that they best reflect the album and their overall direction………..they can’t help but seem disappointing a selection from a topical and lyrical vein.

    Yes, they sound interesting more often than not in terms of their production and melodic elements and choices, and will also translate tremendously well to a live setting. But thematically and lyrically, these songs come across like a skipping two-track mind to me. Either the subject on Kimberly’s mind is on her good side and she feels deep longing for connection and lonesome (“Better Dig Two”, “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely”)……..or she feels resentful and brooding (“DONE”, “Chainsaw”).

    There’s just minimal depth to their catalog (and I know they don’t write most of the material they’ve recorded). Which is a shame because “Pioneer” has its worthier moments as a full listening experience and Kimberly Perry is a dynamic and engaging vocalist (though she tends to veer off-key at awards show telecasts). “Chainsaw” only sinews the rut of sort they’re stuck in.

    Yes, I’m indeed feeling a C here as well, and even that may be slightly too generous.

  2. Agree. This is not a very enjoyable listen. Overall, I think that Pioneer is no where near as good as their self-titled debut album. Love “Better Dig Two” but the rest …

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