Single Review: Kenny Chesney, “Til it’s Gone”

Kenny Chesney Til it's gone“‘Til it’s Gone”

Kenny Chesney

Written by Rodney Clawson, David Lee Murphy, and Jimmy Yeary

There were a lot of great singer-songwriters that didn’t quite make it to stardom in the nineties, especially once the market was saturated.  It’s good to see that some of the best ones are having success as writers, like David Lee Murphy, who has a hand in the latest Kenny Chesney single.

He was always good at squeezing a lot of lyric into a melody.  “‘Til it’s Gone” sounds like radio filler from at least a decade ago, when radio filler still insisted on being listenable, if not entirely substantive.   One of Chesney’s greatest strengths is that he’s not a showy singer, which makes his songs easy to sing along with, should one be so inclined.

This one isn’t as memorable as “American Kids”, but it will sound fine on the radio, and is delightfully free of the production tricks that will horribly date so much of what’s out there today.

Grade: B




  1. Nothing new or different about this song. If you’ve heard Reality or Live a Little, then you’ve heard this song. However radio is eating it up like it’s a masterpiece. Just don’t get his superior treatment at radio.

  2. It’s very, very listenable.

    That’s a compliment, though, considering how unlistenable most of the crap on the radio is right now.

  3. I have to agree with Leeann’s and Thomas’ statements.
    I really am liking this catchy tune, it is a good sounding and likeable tune.
    Definitely turn up the radio when I hear it come on compared to other crap that are “singles” these days.

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