Single Review: Brad Paisley, “Crushin’ It”

Brad Paisley Crushin It

“Crushin’ It”
Brad Paisley

Written by Kelly Lovelace, Lee Thomas Miller, and Brad Paisley

A half-hearted attempt by Brad Paisley to meld his signature form of humor with the partying lyrics that make up most of the radio dial today, “Crushin’ It” sounds a bit more like “Slummin’ it.”

He can’t quite dumb himself down enough to do a pure party song, so he tries to squeeze as much real-life adult experience into the verses that lead up to a chorus that any barely legal country crooner could write. By trying to be both a party song and a Paisley song, it doesn’t quite work as either.

I’ve never been a huge Paisley fan, but his work was always genuinely him. That’s something he’s got to hold on to if he’s hoping to navigate the trends of the day. He’s got the talent and the fan base to do so. There’s really no need for him to chase after something that’s so much less than what’s kept him in the game for so long already.

Grade: C


  1. You’re too kind. Although I never was a big fan of his voice, I liked his funny songs (at least, funny to me) like “Celebrity”, “You Need a Man Around Here”, “Online”. etc., and the more subtle humor in “Waitin’ on a Woman”. This “Crushin’ It” song is terrible. I’d give it a D – devoid of any humor or merit.

  2. Never been a fan because I don’t think he sings that well. It sounds as though he talks to music. But that’s just me. I don’t like this song at all and really didn’t care for Perfect Storm either. He’s always been the Nashville golden boy though….don’t get that either. He sounds as though he’s trying to compete with Luke Bryan, but sorry…..not the same. I agree with Bob…..grade D.

  3. Opinions are like…. Well, let’s just say we all got one. What get’s me is the patronizing and criticism coming from people who’ve never cut or sold a record in their life. Mighty high horses y’all ride… in your imagination. Can you produce something better? That’s what I thought. Don’t like it, don’t listen. The hatin’ just makes YOU look pathetic.

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