Single Review: Ashley Monroe, “On to Something Good”

Ashley Monroe On to Something Good

“On to Something Good”
Ashley Monroe

Written by Barry Dean, Luke Laird and Ashley Monroe

Happily, Ashley Monroe has announced a new album that will, once again, be produced by Vince Gill with the help of Justin Niebank. The lead single from the album is “On to Something Good.” Sadly, the single only makes me very cautiously optimistic instead of very optimistic.

The song is an example of one of those rare instances when the structure of the verses is more interesting and better than the chorus, which is the case both instrumentally and melodically.

While her first two albums were musically accessible, they had an organic sound with a lot of traditional country sensibilities thrown in for good measure. “On to Something Good”, however, is an unbalanced mix of interesting riffs and heavy adult contemporary pop sheen.

Although the song has some interesting moments where the guitar work is kind of funky and cool, the chorus is both bland and melodically predictable, not to mention that Monroe’s vocals are obscured by unnecessary studio effects that seem to all but take the natural warmth out of her voice.

Hopefully, “On to Something Good” is only indicative of a small part of the new album rather than a sample of what’s to come.

Grade: B-


  1. Well, the dress in the single art is longer than the dress in the collaboration shot with Shelton!

    I have never really taken to Monroe’s work.

  2. I have yet to make up my mind about Ashley Monroe. I think in the right setting she can sound good, but I would not regard her as an elite vocalist

    This song is okay – I would strip off half the production but that’s just my preference

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