Single Review: Trisha Yearwood, “I Remember You”

Trisha Yearwood I remember You

“I Remember You”
Trisha Yearwood

Written by Kelly Archer, Ben Carver, and Brad Rempel

After the anthemic “Prize Fighter”, Trisha Yearwood softens things with the emotional “I Remember You.” With just an acoustic guitar and simple strings, “I Remember You” is a gorgeous tribute to the memories of someone who has passed from this life to the next.

While this song is a sentiment that is universally relatable, Yearwood specifically recorded it as a tribute to her mother with background vocal support from her sister.

Yearwood sings this tender ballad with her emotions right there on the surface and the song is made even better for it as a result. With her sublime performance and its gentle production, it is easy to imagine the song playing in the background as a montage of memories of a loved one scrolls in your mind.

“I Remember You” is one of just a few new songs on Yearwood’s album with many of her greatest hits, but it still stands out as one of the best songs on the album, even amongst the already established hits.

Grade: A


  1. Good song – but not enough to make me buy the album. I’m still annoyed that she released these new songs only as part of a GH package that her long time fans don’t need. The new ones should have been part of a separate EP if she couldn’t take the trouble to put together a whole new album.

  2. Trisha Yearwood is such a superior singer, she could probably sing the Land’s End catalog and it would sound good – a definite A and yes I think the album is a worthwhile acquisition given how much better a singer Yearwood is now than when some of her earliest hits were recorded

  3. Gotta say I think that the re-records pale in comparison to their originals because they deliberately refuse to let her developed skills take a new crack at that old material. They’re mimicries.

    This song, however, is brutally good.

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