Single Review: Chase Bryant, “Take it On Back”

Chase Bryant Take it On Back

“Take it On Back”
Chase Bryant

Written by Dylan Altman, Chase Bryant, and Tommy Lee James

How many times can the title be repeated in a song? I thought Little Texas had answered that question definitely with “My Love”, but Chase Bryant is giving them a run for their money.

The song is your standard nostalgia trip, romanticizing first love and wishing you could “take it on back” to those days. There’s a banjo and there’s an autotune effect, which clash just as much as the sentimental lyric and aggressive vocal performance.

But more than anything, the song’s shortcoming is that it’s just too long, and the hook isn’t strong enough to warrant being featured so heavily.

Grade: C


  1. This guy has NOTHING, N-O-T-H-I-N-G but the way he looks advancing his careers. He won’t even be a blip on the country radar two years from now and his legacy will have left us with nothing. I guess if you are a male, with a square jaw-line and good hair between the ages of 18-38 you can start your own country music career, irregardless of your singing prowess, song choices or overall effort. Bryant manages to prove all of my points here with a terrible song choice and mailed-in, emotionless, auto-tuned vocal performance.

  2. This song is terrible, but what gives me hope is that this guy like so many other male singers out right now will be forgotten. Terrible song, terrible singer, terrible production.

  3. If his hair was combed a little differently and his shirts were about three sizes smaller, he could pass for Hunter Hayes’ twin brother. Other than that, I can’t find anything else to say about this singer or this song that hasn’t already been said.

  4. I don’t hate the song I find it more enjoyable than others this guy I think is a good vocalist and great with guitar. My criticism is that this song feels way too bland and forgetful he has potential but hopefully with this song dying let’s see what’s next for this guy

    Grade C+.

    Personal Request Review: Kelsea Ballerini Love Me Like You Mean It. I want one of you guys to rip this song apart.

  5. Wow. So for giggles I looked up talentless hack, and 5 of the previous 6 people showed up. I guess if you had any talent then you wouldn’t be trolling pages bashing artist. You would be touring , writing , producing… but your not. However since you seem to be so well versed in music, and what talent is, please respond with any of the songs you wrote, that actually saw the light of day, or let us know what albums you played on, that weren’t gifts for family members. I would put my Grammy against your “most likely to piss and moan” award any day of the week that the only thing you have is Life owes me something attitude.

  6. Nope I am certainly no relation to Chase, but I have written with him and seen him play live. You might wanna read up on him before you talk trash He has quite the country music lineage, (Roy Orbison Waylon, Glen Campbell Elvis, Ricochet)my guess is more so than the karaoke krackers talkin smack.

  7. Trace,
    I might’ve kind of taken you seriously (though not that ridiculous, illogical argument) if you hadn’t thrown Ricochet on that list. Now, I’m not sure if you’re for real or just playing around for a laugh.

  8. I’m gonna give Chase the benefit of doubt and say he will do better looking at who he could be associated with this song could could be an outlier on his debut album later this year. Look at Jon Pardi and Eric Paslay both had awesome debut albums with only one dud on their album (Friday Night)
    (Up All Night)

  9. Leann Ward, I am simply saying his Grandfather played with all those acts and his uncles Jeff and Jr founded Ricochet. I didn’t say they were the best band in history, but they had as much success as most groups in the 90’s and in my opinion still had the best vocals of any group in that era.I think Chase as does most of Radio has a bright future. I hope most of you enjoy crow….

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