Single Review: Luke Bryan, “Games”

Luke Bryan Spring Break Checkin' Out

Luke Bryan

Written by Luke Bryan and Ashley Gorley

Luke Bryan’s latest (and apparently final) Spring Break compilation is being promoted with the new single, “Games.”   Thematically, it doesn’t connect much to the Spring Break concept, unless you just assume the events in question are taking place at some beach-adjacent house party.

It’s an interesting song, talking about the psychological games that get played in relationships.  ABBA would’ve had a field day with it.   It begs for a passionate vocal, but instead we get a processed one.   It is a mystery to me why a voice a strong as Luke Bryan’s would be covered in electronic goo and backed up by a drum machine that even A Flock of Seagulls would find too cold and tinny.

Guitar, fiddle, steel guitar, live drums, and a clear vocal upfront.  It really is that simple.  Stop messing it up already.

Grade:  C


  1. Not a good song by any means, but not the abomination we know he is capable of. You hit the nail on the head with the production. Reminds me of that bad new Gary Allan single. C-

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