Single Review: Florida Georgia Line, “Sippin’ on Fire”

Florida Georgia Line Sippin on Fire

“Sippin’ on Fire”
Florida Georgia Line

Written by Rodney Clawson, Matt Dragstrem, and Cole Taylor

There isn’t much logic in hoping for a successful act to abandon the formula that has gotten them where they are today.   Why fix what their fans don’t even care is broken?

Florida Georgia Line’s latest single is one of their sorta slowjams, where the frenetic pace is traded in for a midtempo one.   This is the primary indication that it’s one of their more serious, sentimental, and heartfelt songs.  (See also: “Stay”)

I don’t think slowing things down makes their shortcomings more obvious, so much as it gives listeners more of an opportunity to notice them.   The flaws themselves are pretty evident, regardless of how fast the record goes by.   For those of you just joining us,  those flaws are pretty much everything about the singing, songwriting, and production.   If I could point to one thing that I think these guys do well, I would.

I can’t.

Grade: F


  1. I just heard this one, and while I can’t argue for it in any meaningful way, I don’t feel like it’s bad enough to award an “F” to.

    Much like FGL themselves, this song just kind of floats down the middle of the spectrum for me. On one hand it offers nothing of interest lyrically, the production is hugely cluttered, and the auto-tune is cranked up to the max, and I want to hate it for that. On the other hand it has a big hook, a catchy melody, and a competent performance, and I know that because of that I won’t be able to stop myself from liking it at least on some basic level.

    I just don’t know if that’s personal weakness, or a sign that the song really isn’t all that bad. For me, it’s a solid C.

  2. Florida Georgia Line is my greatest pleasure. Blame it on their genuine excitement when they sing.

    F is too harsh of a grade. At worst, I will label this in red ink, C-.

  3. Totally agree Leeann. They could record something really solid with substantive lyrics and country arrangement and I still probably wouldn’t enjoy it because I can’t stand that guy’s voice.

  4. I agree with the “F” grade, if only because Tyler Hubbard slipping in and out of his wanna be rapper vocals is extremely annoying.

  5. If there is one thing about FGL it’s their ” genuine excitement when they sing”. And why are they excited? Because they lack the self awareness of a five year old? Because they have helped to poison and destroy the very genre they are sucking blood money from? Because their fan base is either too immature, lazy, stupid, obtuse,tasteless, or all of the above, to realize they are killing the golden goose of country whenever they buy, request or support their music? Because everything that comes out FGL’s mouth whether auto-tuned, Twitter, or interview sounds like a frat boy ‘s drunken answer to the police about keeping the noise down? The only genuine thing about them is their tattoos which I have always suspected were inked there for effect.

  6. Leeann,

    You are absolutely correct. The slipup shows the lack of sleep, I have been operating on.


    Honestly, I appreciate the fact that they are invested in their music regardless of the content. Jason Aldeen’s latest single has him sounding distant and disenchanted. I prefer songs when the singers are emotionally connected. They might be the only country singers right now that could tempt me to party on the tailgate.

  7. I have nothing but sympathy for those true fans of country who have to sit through this lame crap. These clowns make me fear for the future of the genre.

  8. Honestly, one thing I cannot stand is when people comment things like the one from Craig (not singling him out, as I find it’s common practice. Just using his comment above as an example):

    “Because their fan base is either too immature, lazy, stupid, obtuse,tasteless, or all of the above, to realize they are killing the golden goose of country whenever they buy, request or support their music?”

    Okay, I like Florida Georgia Line (mainly for the same reason as CountryKnight) and I enjoy this song. I do not consider myself lazy, stupid, immature, or obtuse. Tasteless? It’s all about opinions. Definition of opinion: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. It just makes my blood boil when I see people blatantly insult others’ opinions.

    Oh, and by the way. Yes I enjoy FGL, but I also adore traditionally styled country music as well, and I’m certain that I am not the only one. Stop generalizing fanbases people.


  9. Markus,

    Thank you for vocalizing my thoughts. You saved me from a paragraph reply. I have a Spotify country playlist with Johnny Cash and FGL. You can combine the two.

  10. CountryKnight and Markus I respect your point of view. Both of you are well versed in your country music history and sound. But FGL is not. If they were respectful of country music than their music would sound different. It is true that we can all have different and diverse taste. But not at the expense of something we love. FGL is misrepresenting country music. Period. I find that insulting, and rather tasteless. Their music is crude and immature. At some point I have to wonder who would appreciate that kind of sound?If you know your country music FGL is just here for a moement. But for many listeners, and I know a few, they are what country music is suppose to be. Do you really want FGl to represent country music? I don’t. And I don’t want their fanbase to poison the well of country by encouraging other singers or groups to think that country is FGL. I am drawing a line for a cause I believe in. I know that I may be wrong.

  11. The people who don’t think country is FGL and Rascal Flatts are the people who think Courtesy of The Red White and Blue represents the POV of every country singer.

    It really just doesn’t matter what people who don’t like the things you like think about the things you like. It also doesn’t matter if people whom you don’t like enjoy something adjacent to the things you like.

    I do think that this song genuinely sucks (no offense MM and CK), but I also think that Cruise and Sun Daze are absolute earworms, and the enthusiasm with which they’re sung elevates them.

    FGL aren’t good, but there are much, much worse things in the world for people to like.

  12. Markus:
    “Definition of opinion: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.”
    I think you are confusing ‘opinion’ and ‘taste’.
    I have no problem with anybody’s taste, but there is a big difference between saying “I like / don’t like this” and saying “I like / don’t like this because X”. The former cannot be argued or engaged with, the latter must be, especially in a venue such as this one which is dedicated to critical evaluation. If you bring out actual arguments in defense of your taste, be prepared to back them up, like, say, by providing a definition of “enthusiasm” or an explanation of how said “enthusiasm” can make up for serious shortcomings in such crucial areas as songwriting. If you can’t, just say “I like it” and we agree to disagree.

  13. Reasonable people who enjoy FGL are saying “I like X, because their enthusiasm/engagement with the material outweighs any problems I have with the writing or production, because their songs really aren’t about the writing, so judging their songs based on their writing is inherently flawed.”

    As someone who doesn’t like FGL, that seems pretty reasonable to me.

  14. Ok, here’s why.

    I like FGL because they sound genuinely enthusiastic. Many bro acts phone it in, these guys don’t. Their hooks and melodies are insanely catchy making it easy to listen to. I do have issues with their songwriting and production choices, but overall, their easy to listen to.

  15. I’m not at all a fan of this act, but this isn’t bad enough to warrant an F. This is a D+ or C- . I’ve heard much worse on the radio lately

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