Single Review: Lady Antebellum, “Long Stretch of Love”

Lady Antebellum Long Stretch of Lonesome

“Long Stretch of Love”
Lady Antebellum

Written by David Haywood, Josh Kear, Charles Kelley, and Hillary Scott

A woefully anemic rocker.

Lady Antebellum have never exactly been known for over-the-top emoting, but this might be the most listless I’ve ever heard the band.

I can almost picture them taking the stage and someone handing them the lyric sheet as the song starts, and they’re trying to just get the words out that are on the paper.  No time to learn the melody or think about the meaning of the song.

There’s such a disconnect between lyric and performance here that I can’t even get my head around this being a commercially released recording, let alone a single from a major artist.


Grade: D



  1. I’m probably not the best one to comment on a Lady A song. I loved their first single, ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore’ and have pretty much not cared for anything since. I didn’t even like their late-night booty call anthem ‘Need You Now’ (although I think I’m the only one who didn’t care for it)

    My hope for the band – all members who I genuinely like and believe have a great deal of talent – is that they re-evaluate where they are and who they are. More importantly, find out who they want to be going forward.

  2. I don’t hate it don’t love it. I find when Hillary Scott and Charles Kelly trade verses they’re pretty strong I love the vibe rock and stuff but what this songs lacks is a spark. Right now in mainstream you need to have a spark if there’s no spark I can’t reward this song any higher.

    Grade C+. This song needs something memorable I love the voice and production but Lady A needs the spark that they had with Need You Now DownTown Bartender Compass.

  3. I mean, at least “We Owned the Night” had that initial hook of “Have you ever wanted/Someone so much it hurt.”

    This is just awful.

  4. I was able to listen to the end of the song since 2:57 is not a long stretch and I had the volume down low. I have no desire to hear it again.

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