Single Review: Zac Brown Band, “Loving You Easy”

Zac Brown Band Loving You Easy

“Loving You Easy”
Zac Brown Band

Written by Al Anderson, Zac Brown, and Niko Moon

Zac Brown Band’s groove was in danger of becoming a rut, and their new album, Jekyll + Hyde, is their game attempt to expand their sound. You know, mix it up a bit.

I almost feel guilty for faulting them for “Loving You Easy.” They’re really trying to do something new.

But what’s new to them isn’t new to the rest of us.

This is Hall & Oates, twice warmed over.

If that appeals to you, that’s great. For me, the best thing about it was that it was over in two and a half minutes and wasn’t memorable enough to leave a bad aftertaste.

Grade: C


  1. You say “They’re really trying to do something new.” Hmm. Then how about releasing the Jason Isbell song “Dress Blues”. Memorial Day is less than a month away. There’s nothing memorable about “Loving You Easy”.

  2. Nothing bad I like the production a lot but the lyrics are a little boring overall I’d give a B-. I like the energy but I expect more from these guys for me I think Little Big Town or Gloriana could be the best country music groups

  3. As Saving Country Music said: “Beautiful Drug” is Metro country with EDM beats. Hardly growing the genre. Plus, the “love is a drug” theme is tiresome. It has been beaten to death and quite frankly insults the concept of love.

    The album is pretty good. This song is below their high standards.

  4. Oops, I shouldn’t post right after when I wake up. I swear that this review covered “Beautiful Drug.” Haha.

    “Loving You Easy” is decent radio music. Nothing more, nothing less.

  5. Completely forgettable on numerous levels. I like some of the stuff ZBB puts out, but as a whole I have always been “meh” on ZBB. For every “Colder Weather” or similar song they have wrote or recorded, there has been equal numbers of album filler or Jimmy Buffet esque songs that have left me cold.

    Having listened to their new album, I can say for me not much has changed in that regard….”Dress Blues” aside. They just keep either picking or writing too many mediocre songs for my liking, much the same way artists like Chris Young or Joe Nichols have the habit of doing.

  6. I love their beach songs. Fun, well-written ditties. I am glad that the Zac Brown Band understands that not every song needs to be on the emotional level of “Colder Weather.”

  7. I don’t think every song needs to be on the emotional level of “Colder Weather”, but I just dont care for the beach/tropical sound. It’s been played out with all the Kenny Chesney and wanna-be Chesney songs.

    “The Wind” is what I would prefer from ZBB when it comes to up-tempo songs.

  8. …as easy as the title suggests, hence not bad at all. also, quite perfect for country radio. they play anything these days.

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