Daily Top Five: Least Favorite Song from Your Favorite Albums

Because turnabout is always fair play!

What is your least favorite song from each of your favorite albums?

Here’s my list:

  1. Dixie Chicks, “Tortured, Tangled Hearts” (Home)
  2. Mary Chapin Carpenter, “Stones in the Road” (Stones in the Road)
  3. Trisha Yearwood, “You Don’t Have to Move That Mountain” (Hearts in Armor)
  4. Brandy Clark, “Illegitimate Children” (12 Stories)
  5. Tim McGraw, “Just Be Your Tear” (Live Like You Were Dying)


  1. Of my favorite albums list, I don’t have least favorite tracks from I Think About You, Watch Me, or Home. So I took some liberties:

    1. Mary Chapin Carpenter, “The Bug” (Come On, Come On) – I notoriously hated it as a kid, but now I kinda dig it.

    2. Trisha Yearwood, “Cowboys Are My Weakness” (Heaven, Heartache, and the Power of Love) – how the heck does anyone find this mess worthy to be in the same company as the greatness that surrounds it?

    3. Dixie Chicks, “I Like It” (Taking The Long Way) – I skip it.

    4. Patty Loveless, “Two Coats” (Mountain Soul) – I just don’t get it, I guess.

    5. Kathy Mattea, “Requiem For A Mountain” (Calling Me Home) – I understand the meaning behind it, but there are other tracks that always steal my undivided attention.

  2. Very hard to do lists like this, but I’m doing it anyway. But by no means do I consider any of these songs bad:

    1. HEART LIKE A WHEEL–Linda Ronstadt (Heart Like A Wheel)
    2. CERTAIN KIND OF FOOL–The Eagles {Desperado)
    3. SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOU HAPPY–Tift Merritt (Bramble Rose)
    4. MENAGERIE–Caitlin Rose (The Stand-In)
    5. PANIC BEACH–Maria McKee (Maria McKee)

  3. Kevin’s inclusion of the Brandy Clark album is making me kick myself for not including it in my post of favorite albums! I can’t choose a song that I don’t like from that album, but my least favorite is also probably “illegitimate Children”, but I even like a lot of things about that song still.

  4. 1. “Hungover” – Brandy Clark (12 Stories) monotonous melody
    2. “Uncaged” – Zac Brown Band (Uncaged)
    3. “Bapadoodle” – Western Swing Authority (Now Playing) annoying instrumental
    4. “We Run” – Sugarland (Love On the Inside) too many nanana’s
    5. “Let’s Get Drunk and Fight” – Joe Nichols (Real Things)

  5. In no particular order:

    “Easy Money” – Brad Paisley (Time Well Wasted)
    “I Know One” – Garth Brooks (Garth Brooks)
    “Two Rings Shy” – Miranda Lambert (Platinum)
    “When Winter Comes To Town” – Pat Green (Carry On)
    “Steve Earle” – Sugarland (Love On the Inside)

  6. My favorite albums are always in flux, but I suppose these five will do for this topic. :)

    1. “Roll Me Back In Time,” Sara Evans (Real Fine Place)
    2. “Somebody To Love,” Kacey Musgraves (Pageant Material)
    3. “White Liar,” Miranda Lambert (Revolution)
    4. “Ladders and Parachutes,” Lori McKenna (Lorraine)
    5. “Outlaw State of Mind,” Chris Stapleton (Traveller)

    None of these songs are bad, mind you. I think the running theme here for me is that they’re relatively boring compared to the rest of the albums they are on.

  7. 1. “Flagship” -Jason Isbell (Something More Than Free)
    I don’t want to use the word ‘boring’ because compared to anything on the radio today, it’s a pretty heavy lyrically, but something about it makes it less interesting than the rest of the album.
    2. “Blue Diamond” -Jason Boland & the Stragglers (Dark & Dirty Mile)
    Even though it’s a Red Dirt Rangers cover, I still think it doesn’t stand up against the other brilliant cuts on the record.
    3. “Getaway Truck” -Aaron Watson (The Underdog)
    Not a bad song necessarily, but one I will skip to get to the favorites.
    4. “Clouds” -Montgomery Gentry (Some People Change)
    Always skip this one… it’s just dull. Not much in the way of lyrics either.
    5. “Sun Shines on a Dreamer” -Wade Bowen (Wade Bowen)
    I guess I’m more drawn to his heavier songs.

  8. Brian,
    “Clouds” is one of the few MG songs that I like. Not that it should change whether or not you should like it, but I believe it’s about Montgomery’s son who died.

  9. The Bug from Mary Chapin Carpenter’s Come On Come On
    Climb That Mountain High from Reba McEntire’s Rumor Has It
    Heartache Tonight (John Anderson) from Common Thread: The Song of the Eagles

  10. 01. “To Tell You Everything” – from Terri Clark’s ‘No Fear’
    02. “Born To Give My Love To You” – from Martina McBride’s ‘Wild Angels’
    03. “I’m The One” – from Gary Allan’s ‘Smoke Rings In The Dark’
    04. “A Better Rain” – from George Strait’s ‘It Just Comes Natural’
    05. “I Thought I’d See Your Face Again” – from Sara Evans’ ‘No Place That Far’

    Also I love “The Bug” lol it’s always weird to see that get mentioned as a least favorite to me. :p

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