Single Review: Jon Pardi, “Head Over Boots”

“Head Over Boots”
Jon Pardi

Written by Luke Laird and Jon Pardi

Aside from people who don’t mind that country music doesn’t sound like country music anymore, one of the common complaints that we get for our criticism of the current  major country music players is that we’re expecting too much and that not every song has to be deep and meaningful.

While that’s certainly not a point that anyone would argue, there’s a difference between frivolous fun and dumb drivel. Jon Pardi’s latest single is an example of good pop country that is able to strike that precarious balance of lighthearted fun without crossing over to mindless drivel.

With a catchy melody and irresistible clap line, “Head Over Boots” is an endearing celebration of true infatuation and developing love. Pardi sings of his intention to show his date a good time, which doesn’t mean partying on a tailgate or getting skunk drunk in a bar, but rather, sweeping her off her feet on a dance floor and acting “like they’ve never met before.”

He even expresses  hope that he won’t let her down, because he imagines a future with her, “Maybe one day we can make it a thing/ Test time and grow old together/ Rock in our chairs and talk about the weather.”

“Head Over Boots” is not deep nor is it even meaningful and it even has some clichéd lyrics, but it’s fun and sweet and avoids  the machismo hook up mentality  that pervades today’s country music. Instead, it focuses on a legitimate budding relationship. What’s more, it can’t be overlooked   that it sounds like a   solid pop country song with discernible  fiddle and steel.

Grade: B


  1. Jon Pardi always puts me in a good mood and this song is no exception. I think I find him so endearing because he has the humility to know when he’s being silly and he embraces it. So many artists today are too heavy on the ego to bring the necessary lightness and self-awareness to a fun song.

  2. I don’t think country music needs saving, but I do think country radio does. I don’t know if one person can do it, but it’d be nice if Pardi has a chance to be a bright spot on radio and is able to work in concert with others to ultimately swing the pendulum back to good music.

  3. Considering the lack of nit-picking towards this song, I was curious why you settled on a grade of B?

    Anyway, solidly agree with the review. Sure, the lyrics are rather lightweight and ultimately forgettable, but especially considering Pardi had not had a Top Ten hit to his name yet and is boldly sticking to his guns as far as producing and recording the kind of neotraditional country music he wants to make, you have to start somewhere and, for what it is, I really can’t complain any longer. Especially when the theme hearkens back to something that we scarcely hear on mainstream country airwaves any more: devotion.

    This earns a solid A- from me. Only Jana Kramer and Cam have impressed me more as far as mainstream country-charting singles is concerned with sharper songwriting this year, but Pardi is setting the gold standard musically with his allegiance to pedal steel and roadhouse guitar.

  4. Is there a way to contact writers directly? Anyway, I just read the comments section for Miranda’s last album, but it’s closed now. Leann you mentioned being confused by the Brady line in “Babies Making Babies.” I think it’s a reference to the company Brady, who makes push buttons among other things (thus going with the “good push” part of the lyric).

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