Single Review: George Strait, “Cold Beer Conversation”

“Cold Beer Conversation”
George Strait

Written by Al Anderson, Ben Hayslip and Jimmy Yeary

After the comparatively euphoric “Let it Go,” George Strait’s new single captures the same “take it as it comes” attitude toward life, but this time with somber resignation as the dominant feeling.

Not that the men having this “Cold Beer Conversation” aren’t satisfied with their lives. They’ve just given up trying to understand it, and can’t quite “Let it Go” when it comes to things like realizing your parents are quickly aging or that your own youth isn’t coming back around again.

I love a bravado anthem like Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Days,” where the attitude masks a sadder realization that your best days are behind you. Kenny Chesney’s churned out an entire career heavily relying on that template.

But Strait’s “Cold Beer Conversation” is a lot more realistic. Life passes by until it’s passed you by. This song’s all about watching it go.

Grade: B+

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