1. A very great way to salute our men and women in uniform.

    What I would hope is that, even as we remember those who have fought and died, and oftentimes gotten maimed, for their country, we must ensure that, n the future, we make sure we send our troops over only if it is absolutely necessary, and not because it merely “feels good.” Doing that, in my opinion, would be a great way to honor our troops, and a true act of patriotism.

  2. Time to play “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue”, “The Ballad of Balad”, “Call a Marine” and “American Solider.”

    Great songs by a great American soldier supporter.

    Plenty of patriotic songs to play today.

  3. Some of the more (lesser known) recent vets songs:
    James Otto – Soldiers and Jesus
    Steve Azar – Soldier Song
    Pete Scobell and Wynonna – The Hearts I Leave Behind
    (Tribute to Chris Kyle)
    Kristy Lee Cook – Airborne Ranger Infantry
    Big and Rich – 8th Of November (be sure to hear the vers with Kris Kristofferson narrating the intro)

  4. Oh man that Big and Rich song was one of my favorites from them. They really were strong on the slow songs, like that and Live this Life.

  5. I agree with Erik North’s comment.

    I like Traveling Soldier and 8th of November but Galveston is still my favorite. A few other lesser known songs:

    “When All You’ve Got Is a Hammer” – Gretchen Peters (Gretchen Peters) “Everything looks like a nail”. From her “Blackbirds” album.

    “They show you how to shoot and they show you how to kill

    They don’t show you what to do with these holes you can’t fill”.

    “A Soldier’s Memoir” – Joe Bachman (Mitch Rossell & Joe Bachman) a powerful song also recorded by Mitch Rossell. The second verse goes:

    “My mama says I look the same

    As I did before I left

    But if she could see inside of me

    It would scare her to death”

    The chorus concludes:

    “They taught me how to put that uniform on

    I just can’t get it off”.

    “Crazy Being Home” – Mark Wills (Brad & Bret Warren and Chris & Robin Lindsey) Mark worked with USA Cares to heighten awareness of the problems of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

    “He tried to fight for what he loves
    But these young eyes have seen too much
    Till you will be where he has been
    You wouldn’t understand”

    “Dress Blues” – Jason Isbell (Jason Isbell) This soldier’s very last tour would soon be up but he won’t be back to see his wife and baby.

    “You never planned on the bombs in the sand
    or sleeping in your dress blues.”

    “Get a Hero Home” – David Bradley (Cory Batten and Phillip Pence) It’s about a soldier just back in the states from Iraq, trying to hitch a ride from Virginia to Tucson, Arizona (Cory’s from Tucson.). A semi pulls up and the driver offers him a ride. The driver’s not going as far as Tucson so he enlists some help.

    “Breaker, Breaker 1-9, who’s got your ears on,

    Picked up a soldier in Virginia, he’s trying to reach Tucson,

    I can get him as far as Tupelo,

    Then I could use a little help, to get a hero home”

    “Hell On My Heart” – Suzy Bogguss (Jay Clementi and Rebecca Stinsky, the latter a marine from Allentown, PA.) It’s one of 6 songs from an EP called “Faces of Freedom” which was released on September 6, 2011. The song is from the perspective of the wife who worries when she hears of a helicopter crash.

    The chorus ends “I kept thinking about my everything going up in flames and coming down in a shower of sparks, war is hell, war is hell on my heart”.

  6. My personal pick for days like today, Memorial Day, and July 4th:

    HYMN TO THE FALLEN/FROM “SAVING PRIVATE RYAN”–John Williams conducting the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Tanglewood Festival Chorus

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