Single Review: Keith Urban, “Break on Me”

“Break on Me”
Keith Urban

Written by Ross Copperman and Jon Nite

I feel like I’ve heard this a million times before, and that the thrill of discovery that used to be an integral part of hearing new Keith Urban music is well behind us now.

Sure, he sings the fire out of it. There isn’t another male vocalist who does heartfelt quite as well.

But the generic, plastic rhythm track and the “Lean on Me”, warmed once over lyrics are too much for Urban to overcome.

I don’t subscribe to the theory that stripped down and organic make a record either more substantive or more authentic. Heck, I still think Urban’s finest moment was the very busy “I Told You So.”

But dude’s gotta mix it up a little bit to keep things fresh, and singing his heart over a tinny Casio from 1982 just doesn’t cut it.

Grade: C


  1. Yeah, I’m a big fan of Keith Urban, but I get nothing out of this. I mean, he did this same song three times on Love, Pain, and the whole crazy thing (“Everybody”, “Shine”, “Won’t Let You Down”) and all of those songs were awesome. “Break On Me” just can’t hold up by comparison

    After the disappointment of “John Cougar…”, and now this, I can officially say that I’m really not that interested in hearing the rest of this new album, which is a real shame.

    By the way, definitely agree with “I Told You So” being his best moment.

  2. Can’t argue with this review. Ten years ago I would have considered myself to be a big KU fan. Of his more recent songs, I like his cover of the Georgia Middleman-Radney Foster song, “I’m In”.

  3. I’d rather listen to a Keith Urban “rehash”, than most of the numerous other artist rehashing their music. I think I’m getting to old and just tired of all of country music. None of it really excites me anymore. But I’m a huge fan of Keith’s and have been for 10 yrs so I love his music. Loved the John song and love this one too. But I really am tiring of country music pretty much, especially after hearing Sam Hunt and his talking through most of his weird songs and his outlandish clothes. Yep, I’m for sure too old.

  4. The problem with Urban is he’s basically been doing the same two songs for about 8 years now- the pop-rock, upbeat, happy one and the acoustic-ish, slightly softer, happy one. “Til Summer Comes Around” is the last single of his that I’ve really cared about.

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