Single Review: Chris Young featuring Cassadee Pope, “Think of You”

“Think of You”
Chris Young featuring Cassadee Pope

Written by Chris Young, Corey Crowder and Josh Hoge

Chris Young’s new duet single portrays a recently broken up man and woman revisiting the stomping grounds they once shared as a couple. The verses are laced with small details that make it easy for the listener to picture the scene. Young notes the “same old bar, same burned out lights,” while asking “Why in the hell does it feel like a different place?”

The two narrators look back fondly on the good times they shared, reminiscing that “We used to be the life of the party/ We used to be the ones that they wished they were,” while seeing that others also feel the void from their split. (“Now it’s like they don’t know how to act/ Maybe they’re like me and they want us back”) Both parties make the common observation, “When they think of me, they think of you.” The conclusion that they still belong together hangs in the air unspoken.

While many of today’s so-called “duets” merely consist of a guest artist contributing glorified backing vocals, Pope’s appearance here comes across as a genuinely meaningful contribution. She adds a further layer of pathos as she gives voice to the other half of the former pair and echoes the sentiments of Young’s narrator. A full-bodied melody draws out strong performances from her and Young both, and even the radio-ready production manages to keep out of the way. A refreshing collaboration that injects some welcome angst into the emotional sterility of today’s country radio.

Grade: B+


  1. Where is everybody? Maybe they were out celebrating Dolly’s 70th birthday yesterday. I drove past her Nashville home but I didn’t stop in. (haha) She’s one of the oldest of us baby boomers. Erik North’s favorite turns 70 in July.
    I’m a fan of duets and I always liked Chris Young’s voice. I don’t know anything about Pope but I agree that she makes a meaningful contribution here, not merely a back-up vocal. She sounds good.

  2. I liked the Chris Young – Patty Loveless duet,”Love Don’t Let Me Down” (Marv Green – Troy Olsen) from the Country Strong soundtrack. Don’t know of any other Young duets.

  3. What?!?! The incomparable Patty Loveless did a duet with Chris Young and I didn’t even know it existed?!?! Off to check it out…

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