Single Review: Garth Brooks, “Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance”

“Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance”
Garth Brooks

Written by Kent Blazy, Garth Brooks, Steve Dorff, Victoria Shaw, and Kim Williams

There’s a joy to this record that is directly connected to a warm feeling of rediscovery.

“Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance” doesn’t exactly sound like vintage Garth, but it captures the spirit of what it was like to see him on stage for the first time. Listening to this record, it’s like I can hear his mischievous grin.

I liked Garth’s last album, but my primary criticism of it was that he was singing too hard. He’s much more in his comfort zone here, sounding in harmony with the music instead of fighting to be heard over it. The arrangement her bounces along effortlessly, and Garth sounds loose and relaxed, as if this was a backporch jam session instead of a studio one.

And I’ll always appreciate his brevity, an art that feels long forgotten these days. This is a simple song, mot much more than a ditty. It didn’t need to be three minutes long, and it isn’t, clocking in at 2:53.
It’s fun to listen to for its entire running time.

Grade: B+


  1. As I commented on B&R’s Lovin’ Lately, “If it was part of an album I bought, I wouldn’t necessarily skip it but if available only as a single, I wouldn’t buy it.”

    i guess this must have been written a while back since writer Kim Williams (Three Wooden Crosses, If the Devil Danced in Empty Pockets, etc.) died this past February 11th.

  2. For me, it wastes a nice guitar melody and organ on some beyond-sophomoric lyrics and an awkward attempt at sexual innuendo. “Wrapped Up In You” this is not.

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