Single Review: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, “Speak to a Girl”

“Speak to a Girl”
Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

Written by Shy Carter, Dave Gibson and Joe Spargur 

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill preview their upcoming debut album with a remarkable single that showcases both vocalists at their best.

Let me talk a little more about that. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw haven’t sounded this great on record in years. Maybe ever. McGraw is soulful, stripped of all those horrible vocal effects that rob good singers of all of their personality. Hill has lost none of the power and nuance that she showcased so well on Fireflies, her last solo release from twelve years ago.

The song’s message is a refreshing respite from the dudebro mentality, still seeing a woman as an aspiration, but because she is a fully realized person worthy of respect, not just an ornament to objectify.

It is a smart, deliberate choice to have Faith Hill sing the first verse. (Truly, the billing on the record itself should have followed suit.) The terms that make a suitor suitable are defined by the woman, with the man who has been wise enough to embrace her approach reinforcing the message in the second verse.

I like the simplicity of the production, although it’s so stripped down that there isn’t much here to define it as a country record. It’s more in the adult R&B vein, the type of blue-eyed soul that might find a warmer reception from Adult Contemporary stations than any other format.

But even playing it as is would make country radio a more pleasant listening experience. It’s an excellent song performed exquisitely by two legends of the genre, and easily better than most of what’s on the dial right now.

Grade: A-


  1. Pretty song and it’s nice to hear Faith Hill again. She still has one of the best voices ever recorded. Maybe it’s the audio here but it didn’t really sound like Tim singing with her.

    I understand them choosing this song with them having three daughters. But it does seem there’s a lot of messages being put out there in song, tv, and movies telling guys how to treat girls.

    However let’s not forget that girls lie too and there are plenty of boys who get their heart ripped out and handed to them by girls. Maybe we need to hear some of those messages aimed at girls too.

  2. caj – Seeing as we still live in a largely patriarchal society, and the country music industry in particularly is fairly male-oriented, I don’t think wanting more songs about lying females is exactly what is needed. Until the scales are more balanced, how about we celebrate songs that encourage positive treatment of women?

  3. I like it – the song and your “the terms that make a suitor suitable”. Your “blue-eyed soul” comment brought back memories of the Righteous Brothers.

  4. You’re right – they are both in good voice on this song. The song itself is nothing special and I would have preferred a more country setting but the stripped down backing is far preferable to much of what passes for country music today

    This is a solid B

  5. Faith Hill still got her amazing voice. She hasn’t lost a step. Tim is continuing to put out great material. Chalk up another great song between Faith and Tim. Great review, Kevin.

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