Single Review: Garth Brooks, “Ask Me How I Know”

“Ask Me How I Know”
Garth Brooks

Written by Mitch Rossell

“Ask Me How I Know” is a solid record that is likely to be overlooked because of who is singing it.

Garth Brooks has been hit or miss with his material since returning from his long hiatus, but this is a great song and he performs it well. Yes, the chorus gets a bit too loud, resulting in a bit of vocal strain that can easily pass for intense emotion.

But it’s a strong performance overall, and the verses in particular reminded me of just how good a singer Brooks is.

Still, even the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year isn’t shielded from the ageism and mediocre taste of country radio. I hope they give this record a chance, but I’m not optimistic.

Grade: B+


  1. I would rather hear Garth Brooks’ wife sing. He is, as usual, overblown and too dramatic. Even the picture is over done. He can’t be relaxed or gentle or just direct. He has an excellent voice that he uses as though he didn’t.

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