Single Review: Trace Adkins, “Watered Down”

“Watered Down”
Trace Adkins

Written by Matt Jenkins, Shane McAnally, and Trevor Rosen

Trace Adkins has always been at his most interesting when he’s been at his most reflective.

“Watered Down” is a fine meditation on aging, and how you don’t really change so much as mellow with time. He compares himself to the whiskey he still drinks, but now it’s just a little watered down.

His vocal doesn’t have the intensity he demonstrated on classics like “I’m Tryin’,” but his understated performance matches the lyric perfectly.

It’s nice to hear a song about being older, and it being sung by someone old enough to sing it convincingly. More like this, please.

Grade: B+




  1. “Trace Adkins has always been at his most interesting when he’s been at his most reflective.”


    I do wish that we could have seen more of this side of Trace on his latest album, but as for this particular song, I absolutely agree.

    There’s such a warm feel to the production on this one, and lyrically it’s nice to see someone accepting their best days are behind them. Hopefully Trace exercises that freedom more on his next album.

  2. Spot on review. It is nice to hear a song about being older, even from a young dude like Trace. I think it’s true what you say that we don’t really change much but we mellow with time. I’m pretty mellow except when it comes to our liar in chief.

    Saw Trace in ’02 at the Bloomsburg Fair with Diamond Rio. Other than not including “Help Me Understand”, I enjoyed his performance.

  3. Maybe it’s because I am the age now that I am and maybe also it’s because I just enjoy Trace, yet this song resonated completely with me. He sings it with sincerity, reflection and a warmth that is really moving. I even love Trace’s music when it’s fun, but this song shows the depth that country music reaches … when it wants to. For any man over 50 though, this song hits dead on.

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